Friday, February 18, 2011

Today is a good day to die....from the heart of Patsy Dollar

Yesterday, as I sat and contemplated what status to put on FaceBook for the day that would best exemplify my feelings for the world, the words that came into my mind were:
"Today is a good day to die." 
I know that those are pretty dramatic words, but they really do say what I feel, and that is, I am content with where I am in this world.  I could do more, but would it make any difference to me or others if I did?  Not to say that I plan to off myself - not by any means.  But I am content.  What a wonderful place to be! 
Last week I was feeling the frantic pace I had set for myself.  I didn't have time to go pee, much less die!  I was questioning my goals, and the path that I had taken.  It was awful!  I know that it's good to shake things up a bit - occasionally - but it's not always the most comfortable situation to me.  I questioned myself, my heart, my guides and everyone else.  I don't recall getting the answers.  But I must have downloaded something, because I feel that I am at a good  place right now.  I am still moving - forward, sideways and in a spiral... but I don't feel out of control... chaotic... or crazed. 
I am thankful.  And I have been guided to write another haiku... love these little, short bursts of insight... little cameos of thought. My baby girl dog, Sassy helped with this one:

Early morning walk
     Blooming dawn in the east sky
Streaks of yellow, pink, grey

I am going to take the streaks of light and dark with me today.  Along with the completeness of  "It is a good day to die." 

Living in Love and Light

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