Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Downloads, Cosmic Shivers, and the Veil By Ieshia Reigel

Good Morning! I am not GREAT at being a morning person, but I do try! (and what a morning it has been) So, welcome to February, my friends. Along with being my birth month. February started with  a little bit of a whimper, when my alarm went off this morning, and proceeded to a full on BANG for me. (This is where I go all woo woo on everyone!)

(Disclaimer: this blog is pretty long and a little woo-woo, No- I am not off my rocker)

My story begins with an experience that I had in Ocober of last year. I was getting ready to head to the great state of Arkansas for a crystal digging trip near Little Rock, as well as trying to fight off a sore throat/head cold. At this point, I try not to take a lot of OTC meds because I prefer to drink tea and honey and maybe take some natural herbs-ok I may be going off track here. In any case, I went to bed 2 nights before I was to leave my home in Alabama to head to Tennessee to meet up with Patsy (who'd have guessed that one, right?) and her sister for our trip. When I went to bed I don't think that anything odd had been going on. I had, however, been having a LOT of energy running through my body over the previous few weeks. So much so, that I described it as "being hooked up to an electric line at my head and feeling the voltage run to my feet". So, I can't quite remember when the energy started picking up that evening, but I do know that it did. Now, I don't know if anyone has ever had this experience too, but if you have, you know that sleeping is pretty much out of the question. So I tossed and turned and did as much dozing off as I possibly could.

(If you're wondering where I'm going with this, hang in there, I promise I'll get to the point.)

Somewhere around 2 or so, I did get up, hit the bathroom and then drag my sorry butt back to the bed. I looked at the clock and lay down to attempt to rest. I remember closing my eyes and immediately I started seeing images. Everyone has dreams, sometimes full color, sometimes not, so remembering dreams is not unusual for most. The most profound part of this for me though, is that I wasn't asleep! I could feel a humming all over my body and as I closed my eyes, I felt a tingling at the top of my head (not unusual). The images, however, were very unusual. The only way that I can think to describe it is that it looked like a web page document. You know, like you're reading something on Adobe and you use the scroll wheel on your mouse to make the pages move up? That's what it looked like. It felt like I was standing in a darkened room with a great big movie screen in front of me and this web document scrolling in front of my eyes. There was absolutely no way I was reading this document though because it was moving WAY too fast, and I couldn't get it to slow. I even remember walking up really close to the screen and willing the page to slow down so that I could read it.....no dice.

Well, let's just say that I was super excited when I got up the next morning and I remembered what had happened the night before, and that I pretty much gushed about my "download" to all of my friends about it in the next few days. Did I have any idea what had been in the "download". Nope. Not a one. At least not consciously. So, I filed this experience under "extremely profound and cool" and "to be understood at a later date", and went about my business. Not forgetting what happened, but not really focusing or thinking about it either. That is...until this morning. (Ha, you thought I forgot, didn't ya? [and while this is totally possible and highly probable, I did promise to get to the point])

Now...here we are, the first day of February, and I'm up, moving as much as a "not a morning" person does in order to get her kids off to school on time, and getting ready to take the dog for a walk after the bus leaves. As me and the kids are waiting for said big yellow vehicle, out of the corner of my eye I think I see a pair of legs briskly walking from the sidewalk in front of my front door to my driveway. Huh? Nope. No one there. The lady that runs in front of our house is at the far end of the street so it wasn't her. Maybe I did see something....just not with my regular "eyes". I chalk this up to my "I might have seen a ghost/alternate reality/whatever" experiences....and get my munchkins off to school.

Cut to, walking my dog down the street where there are a bunch of branches the neighbor has trimmed off their trees laying along the side of the road, and I get the feeling of those branches being surrounded by flitting fairies. Ok, whoa Nelly....you didn't actually see anything so, chalk it up to feelings and possibilities, and maybe a little imagination, don't rule it out but don't say for sure.

Twenty minutes later, turning around and heading home, sweating, talking to the dog and trying to get her attention so that we don't get caught in the rain that is starting to drizzle a little, we walk by a home that is empty and for sale, with a bush growing beside the mailbox. Is that wings flitting in that bush? A butterfly maybe? Wait a minute, there are no butterflies yet (even here in AL), no bird in that bush, and NO BREEZE. There is a clump of leaves from last fall still in the bush where the flittling was but not movement. Ok, that one I did see but I can't explain.

Ok, now here is where we come to the pertinence of the download thing.....About 1/2 an hour ago, I was checking my e-mail. I decided to read a message in a newsletter that I subscribe to from the EarthKeeper website. As I'm reading, I actually had a moment where the image of me looking at that screen the night of the download popped into my head, and then it hit me, the COSMIC SHIVERS. This e-mail looks like the download did. There was a border on the image of the download that was the same color as the border on this newsletter. This may not seem like a big thing but this is kinda an odd color, not yellow or brown or mustard, but some color around that spectrum. Add that to the shivers? yeah...I think maybe this message may have something to do with the other.  Add all the things that I saw and felt this morning to a message about angels and reality and Light and I have to wonder, is the information that I got that night starting to come into my conscious awarenss? Is the veil maybe a little bit thinner today?

At this point in my life, I don't exactly believe in coincidences.....I always HAVE believed that everything happens for a reason. Did I have these experiences today because I'm seeking? Yes, I think that's part of it. I also think that it's part of my Path opening up for me. There is so much we don't know about reality, God, Spirit, the human Soul, Heaven, Angels, Fairy...and the list goes on. I try not to judge and to just be open to it. I think as long as we look with eyes of Love and with hearts of Compassion, there's no telling what will happen. And when we hit on Truth, maybe we'll all be able to delight in some of those Cosmic Shivers! So, here's to hoping that your day is as magical and wonderful as mine has been!

Til then,


  1. that is so awesome! the energy around me lately has been very high lately. my fav thing to do is sleep and i have not been able to do much of that, been way to wired! had the same kinda experience putting kids on bus this mornin which was 30 mins late, anyway it was weird very misty foggy this morning. i kept thinkin i saw something small with wings moving in the bush an like you said to cold to be some kind of insect. i brushed it off till one of my sons, the younger of them, says look mom its tinkerbell! i know i have a good imagination but not good enough to make others see it lol. but thank you for the blog it was very enlighting!

  2. Love this! Yes! "Electric Wire," words and images coming in from nowhere, Angels and Fairies "appearing."
    See Blog Post from Out of the Blue: Angels 101

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