Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cording and Questions from Patsy

Good Day to all of you!  I have recently been 'reset' (as I call it) by going in for a vibrational therapy session with tuning forks.  I HIGHLY recommend you try this!  I have always achieved good results and truly enjoy the experience! 
So, I wanted to put this out there for all of you, who may read this and can give me some direction.  While at my session, I mentioned that I was really feeling pain or something in my solar plexus. This has happened before, and I have noticed it and went about my business without doing anything.  This past week, I had been doing a therapeutic meditation with one of Doreen Virtue's Cd's to cut cords and bring light and do a little general clearing and cleansing.  It was after that that I noticed the pain.  My therapist suggested that I cut some 'cords'.  Hmmm.  I thought that I had cut the cords with the meditation exercises and Archangel Michael.... She then asked if I had healed the spots where the cords had been...?  No... I didn't even think about it.  I had just went through the meditation, considered myself cleared and went on about my business.  Not such a good idea, folks!  When we cut something off... duh, we really should clear and cleanse the area and douse it in healing light!  Well, here I am with cut cords that are leaking and oozing and probably reconnecting as well.  So I have been working on removing the cords and healing Both ends of the cords.  That means healing myself where the cords were connected and sending love and light to the other end of the cord... to the person that corded me in the first place.  Oh, and for those of you whom I have inadvertently corded - I apologize!  That's another thing that I am finding out.  It's not just me that is getting corded!  I am sending these little buggers out and plugging into people as well! 
Question: Why would I cord someone?  One obvious answer to me is my children.  I know that I have probably (ha- probably!  You know I have done it!) sent out those guilt/mother cords in order to make them do what I would like to see them do!  I have been trying to reel those back in, without making too much damage apparent.  Where else have I been sending out cords?  Sorry about that!  What can I do to control the cording?  Can I get some comments on this subject from you all?  What causes us to send out cords?  I know that jealously and other lower vibrations can cause cording, but what else? 
Give me some feed back, please? I want to know more about cords!  If you don't want to post here, then drop me a line at . Talk to me about cords and cording!!!!!
Also on this subject;  what do you do to clear them up?  Keep them from reattaching?  How do you follow the cord back to the sender? Do you even want to follow the cord back? 
I am trying to research this a bit on the web... I think we all need a little class on it!  As I gather more information, I'll share with you! 

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