Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Stuff.. But let's talk about the old stuff first!!!

Hey everyone... did you miss me again?  I have and continue to be much like a chicken... and I love to draw them too!  I have been running around in circles for weeks now.  I have gone places, seen things and then neglected to tell you about them... I'm so sorry!  But you can know this;  it has been fun! 
Escapades and Adventures! 
We took our trip to Mount Ida, Arkansas on 11/11/11... mined some crystals, made some new friends, checked up on old friends and generally moved some energy around.  I am so wanting to purchase the Crystal Inn!  Its a quaint place, right outside of Mt. Ida, and in a great location for all the mines in the area.... and it's for sale!!!  But not for me, not right now..... dang it! 

I will continue to go there for my annual retreat to the mountains and crystals - especially since it's located in the CRYSTAL CAPITAL of the WORLD!!  (that according to the Mt. Ida Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Dept.)    So the escapades were on the mountains... rituals and smudging and just generally bonding with Mother Earth.  Oh, and the gathering of crystals...  

Orbs helping me to pick out "Girlie Mon"

We all gathered our crystals from the mud and earth... I thanked each one for jumping out of the dirt into my bucket!  I purchased one great big point... named him "Girlie Mon"  and felt that he had a reggae vibe to him!  He is gorgeous.  So I used his energy to fuel me as I sang... yes, I said "SANG" the other crystals into my bucket.  The other people laughed at me as I went by, humming and scavenging for points... until they started noticing that the crystals were coming to them as well, when I was nearby singing... who was laughing then!   ME!  And I came home with a lovely bucket full of quartz points.

The last bit of  Adventure was on the day that we were to leave Mt. Ida and make our leisurely way back to Tennessee...  We loaded most all of the crystals into heavy duty totes and tied them to a shelf on the back of the SUV.  That was not acceptable to the crystals... as we started to roll out of our parking place, terrible scraping noises started at the right front tire.  Sounded like a rock or something was stuck in between the brake pad and the rotor... not brake trouble again! 
We all got out of the vehicle and start circling trying to figure out what the noise is, and how to fix it.  As I stop to listen and think (at the back of the vehicle), it comes to me that we are going to have to unload and put all the crystals in the back of the SUV with us.  They are not going to ride on that shelf thing!  Hmmmm!  So we unload, and reload.  All the boxes fit in the back of the SUV, as do our suitcases, tools and cooler!  Yay!  Back into the vehicle, like the circus clowns, we clamber in, and start the vehicle to moving... screech, screech screech and then... we all hear a "plunk" and the rock falls out of the wheel!  We are on our way!  Yay!!

By the way, on the trip to Arkansas, we used a tank and a half... for approximately 900 miles... and the same for the way back!  This in a vehicle that usually gets about 350 miles to a tank.... and there were 5 of us and all our stuff in the SUV!  Wow! 
Oh, and another thing that we noticed:  the temperature inside the truck was hot!  I had the ac going to try to keep us all comfortable, but it was 75 degrees inside, and 65 outside.... in NOVEMBER!   Comment on that one! 

BTW, did I mention the obs that were following us? 

There is much more to share, especially since I have not kept you all up to date... but here is a bit for you to read and ponder as I go find something to eat! 
Living in Love and Light,