Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year, New Stuff.. But let's talk about the old stuff first!!!

Hey everyone... did you miss me again?  I have and continue to be much like a chicken... and I love to draw them too!  I have been running around in circles for weeks now.  I have gone places, seen things and then neglected to tell you about them... I'm so sorry!  But you can know this;  it has been fun! 
Escapades and Adventures! 
We took our trip to Mount Ida, Arkansas on 11/11/11... mined some crystals, made some new friends, checked up on old friends and generally moved some energy around.  I am so wanting to purchase the Crystal Inn!  Its a quaint place, right outside of Mt. Ida, and in a great location for all the mines in the area.... and it's for sale!!!  But not for me, not right now..... dang it! 

I will continue to go there for my annual retreat to the mountains and crystals - especially since it's located in the CRYSTAL CAPITAL of the WORLD!!  (that according to the Mt. Ida Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Dept.)    So the escapades were on the mountains... rituals and smudging and just generally bonding with Mother Earth.  Oh, and the gathering of crystals...  

Orbs helping me to pick out "Girlie Mon"

We all gathered our crystals from the mud and earth... I thanked each one for jumping out of the dirt into my bucket!  I purchased one great big point... named him "Girlie Mon"  and felt that he had a reggae vibe to him!  He is gorgeous.  So I used his energy to fuel me as I sang... yes, I said "SANG" the other crystals into my bucket.  The other people laughed at me as I went by, humming and scavenging for points... until they started noticing that the crystals were coming to them as well, when I was nearby singing... who was laughing then!   ME!  And I came home with a lovely bucket full of quartz points.

The last bit of  Adventure was on the day that we were to leave Mt. Ida and make our leisurely way back to Tennessee...  We loaded most all of the crystals into heavy duty totes and tied them to a shelf on the back of the SUV.  That was not acceptable to the crystals... as we started to roll out of our parking place, terrible scraping noises started at the right front tire.  Sounded like a rock or something was stuck in between the brake pad and the rotor... not brake trouble again! 
We all got out of the vehicle and start circling trying to figure out what the noise is, and how to fix it.  As I stop to listen and think (at the back of the vehicle), it comes to me that we are going to have to unload and put all the crystals in the back of the SUV with us.  They are not going to ride on that shelf thing!  Hmmmm!  So we unload, and reload.  All the boxes fit in the back of the SUV, as do our suitcases, tools and cooler!  Yay!  Back into the vehicle, like the circus clowns, we clamber in, and start the vehicle to moving... screech, screech screech and then... we all hear a "plunk" and the rock falls out of the wheel!  We are on our way!  Yay!!

By the way, on the trip to Arkansas, we used a tank and a half... for approximately 900 miles... and the same for the way back!  This in a vehicle that usually gets about 350 miles to a tank.... and there were 5 of us and all our stuff in the SUV!  Wow! 
Oh, and another thing that we noticed:  the temperature inside the truck was hot!  I had the ac going to try to keep us all comfortable, but it was 75 degrees inside, and 65 outside.... in NOVEMBER!   Comment on that one! 

BTW, did I mention the obs that were following us? 

There is much more to share, especially since I have not kept you all up to date... but here is a bit for you to read and ponder as I go find something to eat! 
Living in Love and Light,


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Affects of a Reiki Attunement.... ramblin and rumblin around in my brain, by Patricia

Eh... Hello all! It has been quite a while since I have taken a moment to focus on my communications with you in the written word.  I am just beginning to crawl out from under a set of wonderful Reiki attunements... I was the giver of, rather than the receiver... and wow!  It is a real difference!  I love love love getting attunements as my wall of certificates can attest to... but giving them to a whole class of people - I can't begin to share how much energy flows for that. The energy starts about 7 to 10 days before the scheduled class, and just builds and builds and builds.  As it should!  I gave 6 attunements the first day of classes, and 5 Master Attunements the 2nd day!  I am so glad that I had all the help that I had as well!  I felt like I was moving in a haze of energy!  Thrilling!  Awesome!  I had help with each and every attunement that was given.. otherwise, who knows what would have happened?!  So now I am in the rest mode.  I am going to take a few days of vacation and rest up.. for the next class!!
I look for you all there!   (In one form or another!) 

oh, did I mention that I have 2 art shows that I have been readying for?  See you at Silke's!!! 

Loving life!

Patricia (aka Patsy)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Destination Unknown and Other Jouneys by Patricia

Photo by Brothersoft.com

Years ago a boss and friend gave me a going away card.  It spoke of the journey of life.  A reminder that the destination is not life, but the actual journey.... that is your life.. and mine.  For a long time, I was always looking ahead and making plans for "when we ..." and "after I...".  I am now learning that the here and now is what life is about.  I am working and playing and enjoying what I have now... I still set goals for myself. But I try to stay in the moment and listen to the birds that are singing now!  What a loverly song they are singing to me now.  And not just to me, but also to you!  Take just a moment an be present in this moment and listen! 
This particular thought process was brought to mind but the wonderful blog of my friend, Dahlis Roy.  She has posted a wonderful blog titled "Carry water, chop wood".  Dahlis shares what I believe is my next goal.  She speaks: " The quiet mind ("jing") is more present now with less frantic push to always be reading, drawing, or writing something."  Oh, to be more quiet!  I think....? 
Last Friday I went to my first session with an acupuncturist.  I have developed a bit of a problem with my sciatic nerve.  A problem that I feel my body may have manifested because of my constant movement.  I told the Doctor: "I am always on the move.  I even do my meditation on the move.  I have a hard time with being still."
I am as water flowing in a rocky creek bed...
even when the surface is mirror smooth,
I am moving and churning underneath. 

I am most comfortable in my body when I am on the move.  I can let my left brain take charge of the movement and my right brain is then able to flow and create. I am thinking that movement is a good thing... But perhaps a different type of movement is called for.
Journeys, movement and flow.  I shall always be in flow, and so always on my journey. 
Life is so wonderfully chaotic! 
Join me?!

Living in love and light! 


Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello World... Have you missed me?

I am here.  I just wanted to let you all know.  I am here and I am thinking and creating and the circus is here at my home.  That is why you are not being blessed with the ponderings that I have on a more frequent basis.  Sorry....
The circus is at my home and it consists of a cat, a big dog, a little dog, and a man.  I am the ring leader.  I am not in charge of anything.  But I direct the circus.... Sometimes.  I stand in the middle, for the most part, and issue food, buy supplies, clean up messes and wipe butts... oh, and I laugh.  A lot.  I sometimes laugh so much my sides hurt... and I cry.  Sometimes I cry more than I laugh.  That is okay too.  I am trying to keep things really simple and easy... and funny. 
So, one day, when I decide not to be a part of the circus anymore... I will tell you about it.
Until then,
I'm living in Love and Light!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Summer,
You have arrived!
Heat, clear sky....
and dandilions!

Waterpark, anyone? 

June has arrived, much to my delight!  I have been waiting for my summer to officially begin, and here it is!  No excuses now!  All the projects will now commence with much banging, singing and laughter! 
I surge forward with sure feet and true spirit... and I share my love of life with all of you who are coming with me and behind me.  Joy to you all!  Let's go!  Exhiliration and excitement! 
I move - forward, backwards and sideways - and always in a spiral!  I share this with you... along with a large serving of laughter and joy! 

living in love and light,

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Am... today, A Rainbow Child! by Patricia

There you are,
immersed in your emotions.
let them flow from you in ripples and waves,
gentle, gentle...
find your center in the chaos.

Hallo my friends,
I wan to share with you the fabulous event I went to in Nashville, TN, called the Galactic Expo.  I have been going for several years now and each time it is more fun and entertaining... and of course, enlightening.  This year was no exception!  But for some reason, each event that I participated in left me weeping.  Each person/healer/communicator touched me and the contact they gave me was overwhelming.  For some reason, that morning, the piece of jewelry that I chose to wear was a large piece of snowflake obsidian, in the shape of a triangle, hanging over my heart chakra.  Did I intuit that my heart was wide open that day, and my need was a little filtering of the emotions that were going to be flowing?  Perhaps.... either way, I seemed to have wept my way through the expo... in a much needed period of release and allowance.  I seemed to have accepted the fact, or perhaps given myself permission to be, a person that has emotions... and is allowed to show them.  Wow... that's a big lot of permission to go with! In the past,  I have not been one to show emotions... I don't like to show a lot of emotion, as I have the misconception that showing emotion is showing weakness.  (Don't ask me where I dragged that out from.. but I have carried it with me for lifetimes.)  I am sharing it with you all now, because you will be the ones that will be benefiting from the onslaught!   Warning! Warning! Warning!  Here is your chance to run!  It's gonna be like a volcano!  Some will be burned in their boots!  Others will be drowned in the chaotic whirlpool!  Or you may be the lucky one that feels that you are seated beside a burbling brook, all shady and calming.  There is no schedule here, you will get what you get! 
So, back to the Expo!  I also had my aura photo made... also an annual event!  This year there was a lot of action going on in the photo! I look like a rainbow child!  Blue and turquoise and yellow, red and orange and green!  Little dots of white.... and the man that gave me an explanation of the photo - wow! ... again with the tears~ already!?  It's funny how the inner is so reflected in the outer!  My aura reflected the turmoil in my heart and in my throat in swirls of greens and yellows.  And with the incoming reds and oranges... the upcoming explosion that is soon to be, will be an exciting event!  I think that I will channel it into a large piece of artwork... the pottery is going to be opened soon... this could be a very chaotic pot or bowl!  All the colors of my aura were bright and reflected my focus on this dimension... at this time....I am where I am... there is an echo here!
I also found a wonderful selection of art of god/dess's!  I found and purchased depictions of Kali, Shiva, Durga and Budda!  They are sharing space in my meditation room now, and have been working with me in much needed ways!  Thanks to all!
So for those of you who missed the Expo this year... there is always the next!  I hope to share the experience with you in person! 
The past weekend was a wonderful, clearing, exhilarating time!  Now, we shall see what the upcoming days bring! 
Living in Love and Light,

AKA Patsy

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Giving up Ganesh (Ieshia)

Wow, it's been a while. Sorry for that. Life is getting away from me! Maybe that's a good problem to have. In any case, here are some of my most recent musings.

Recently, I finally got up the gusto and set up my own personal altar. Not anything elaborate, mind you, but something that I can definitely use for my meditation practice and my intentions and that reminds me of all the wonderful things that are in my life. On my altar, I've placed a lot of my crystals, some I've mined from the ground on my own, others that I've purchased and some that have been given to me....each has a special meaning and a special story that reminds me of my connections...with others, with God, and with myself. Also, I have my Tingsha's, whose clear sound help me get in my space and who also singal a detachment from Spirit so that I may return to being here and now. A rosary, to remind me of my Catholic roots, where I come from, and also the hidden Divine Feminine, that was carefully hidden but still honored in the Faith of my roots. Water, mirror, candle, tarot cards, and whatever else I feel needs to be there, I'm sure will make it on to my altar. They all have a meaning and a reason for being in that place, even though I may not even consciously know it, or acknowledge it yet.

The one item on my altar though, that is causing a stirring in my home (besides my Tarot/Oracle cards-which is a WHOLE OTHER article in itself) is my small 10 inch high statue of the Hindu God, Ganesh. Now, I always like to say that I know enough about something to be dangerous, and in this case, that means that I know enough about Ganesh to know that he is a Hindu Deity, called "the remover of obstacles", he has an elephants head (some form of childhood episode involving a be and re-heading, I think), and he appeals to me on a lot of levels. In my home, the danger of this is that I'm willing to bring an image of this God into my space because a)I like and identify with the phrase "remover of obstacles", 2) the statue is a gorgeous piece of artwork, and 3) in no way am I actually praying to Ganesh and replacing my beliefs with Hinduism. However, I am aware enough that to others, having an image of  one of another religions deities in my house could lead some to believe that I have converted or am "worshipping idols". (on another note....let me just tell ya about the "idols" of the Catholic Church...oh yeah...they're there.....and this could lead to a whole other discussion of the human mind's need for a solid construct representing God....maybe I need to go for a psychology degree)

Ok...getting back on track.

Being raised as a Catholic and now married to a Protestant, I am very aware of the differences in our thinking and conditioning as far as religion goes. I'm extremely familiar with statues and images depicting the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, and the baby Christ....my husband and his family...not so much. Oh, I know that they've seen them...but these type of religious trappings were not a part of their weekly/daily religious experience. So, when I brought the statue home a year ago, I didn't blare any horns or make any announcements....quietly placing it where I would see it and know it was there, contemplating it and being greatful of any lessons I could learn in regards to it. My husband had a few issues at first, and yes, there was an argument, but overall, once I assured him there was no conversion/worshipping happening, he seemed to tolerate and indulge me Ganesh. Well, now that I've created an altar space for myself, Ganesh has come out of the closet (or, off the bookshelf) so to speak.

I did tell my husband before I let him walk in to our room and see my altar for himself.....informing him that if it bothered him, I would make a new space in another room of our home, which he asked me to do. Here's where it gets sticky though....while he may not care for Ganesh (and my tarot) on the altar...the room I was going to place my altar in, is the room his parents will be staying in when they come to visit tomorrow. At this point, I chose not to move the altar yet for this reason beause my in-laws will not hesitate to make their feelings known and could possibly be extremely offended by my altar. (yeah, I had a hard time with the concept of an altar too at one time. Christians are not known for having a home altar, that's in a church.)

So, last night, he did again ask me to take Ganesh and my cards off the altar before his parents come to visit....and while I'm having a bit of an issue with this...I will comply with his wishes in order to keep the peace and avoid an all out scene which my family is not ready for at this time. (you should have seen their faces when I compared Harry Potter to a parable...saying it's just a story demonstrating good and evil and such....not good) Do I feel I'm hiding my beliefs from his parents? Yes, maybe a little bit, but I also don't want this visit to be about competing or different belief systems...it's supposed to be about my daughter and her dance recital and a time for my children to visit with their Grandpaents in Love. My solution then is to go ahead and close the cover on the box of cards on my altar...that way they're no longer visible....and to move Ganesh to a spot on top of my husbands large chest....only about 5 feet higher than he is now, but out of the immediate field of vision. When I asked my husband if he thought his parent's would come into our bedroom and see it, his response was "if it's out, they will"...and he chuckled. So, I like to believe he's becoming more comfortable with my changing and evolving beliefs, even if he doesn't think his parents will.