Monday, January 31, 2011

My Question is: What brings U "Joy"?

So, I had a wonderful weekend, chasing around and seeing people and stuff, completing painting projects, visiting with my mother and father... and just generally exhausting myself!  The nib of the matter?  Only about half of that stuff brought me into a state of "joy".  Sometimes we just have to buckle down and do the grunge work to get to the joy... or should I rethink and restate that and say that I need to find the joy in doing the grunge work?  Hey!  Now there is a new thought!   - Seriously, I knew that all the time... but I really wanted to state the obvious - laff! 
This weekend, I went to one of my favorite stores, Celestial Esscents, and attended a gallery reading by the famous Sammie Jo. (She was featured on MTV as a young psychic medium). She was fabulous and hit the target with all of us in the audience.  I really enjoy the part when she asks if we have questions.... my arm nearly gets broke when I shoot it into the air!  YES, I have a question or 10!  We had our main questions answered, (remember this is a group gallery with time constraints!), and then we happily move out to the store and then the parking lot to chat it up for a while!  I am with a girlfriend, and we are talking about my new car amongst other sundry topics.... and how it brings me joy!  I can just see myself whizzing through town in a flash of yellow and white!  It makes me laugh just to say it!  So - there is one of my joys!  Lovely!  My friend is looking kinda wistful, and says she is going to get a red car and join me in the fun... yeaaaaa!  So I look a little closer at her, hmmm... what is going on here? I don't mind sharing my joy with anyone, but is she really going to find joy in a little red car?  I asked her: "Hey, what would really bring you 'Joy'?"  She really could not answer me...  sadly....
So, here is a thought for the week or for the month or even for the minute.... can you dig down and think about it and tell me or yourself or even your dog... what is it that brings you joy?  I can name about a dozen things right off the bat... but I try to find a bit of joy in every moment of the day.  Yeah, I'm one of those people that you shoot dirty looks at while they are singing and sllloooowwllly moving in front of you.  But, back to that thought:  What do you find joy in?  Cooking a meal for your family?  Helping a customer or a client with a challenge and finding a solution?  Watching as the mocking bird in the tree beside your driveway sings and sings and then craps on your windshield as you drive under his nest?  (that's pretty funny, right there!)  I love to ride my motorcycle and  sing in my helmet, much to the amusement of my husband, who rides behind me to protect me.  I don't know if he gets any joy from the sight, but I do and the fairies that are listening are rolling in the grass!   (Whether in amusement or pain from the sound, I'm not sure - laff!)
Oh, and my state of joy, right now? As I am happily typing away, my little white kitty is snoozing on the top of the couch and is resting her little head and a paw on my shoulder as I type.  Sweet little Diabla!!  Oh, and the mocking bird is at the window singing!!! - I wonder if he is building a turd, just for me!  hahahahha!

Now it's time for me to start my new shift at work.. it's the vacation shift!  9:30 to 6!  So, I really want you to think about what it is that makes you smile, makes your heart sing, and what YOU can do for yourself to realize your joy!!!
Oh, by the way, I haven't picked up my new car yet, I've been zipping it around in the form of my old car, and have been told to stop that because my old car is getting burnt up with the energy shifts.... oops!

Living in Love and Light,

PS: post your joy! 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Picture for My 3 Sisters: Whaddya think?

Well, I have composed a new picture for our blog/website... I think.  I like the original pen and ink sketch that I did to get a layout for the proposed picture.. but I haven't like any of the finished products.... yet.  I posted this one to get a feel for it, and to see if I am my own worst critic.  So let me know what you all think, please!  I may just end up using the pen and ink drawing, in the end! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom:

Don't those words sound pretentious?  Wow!  They really do! But I wanted to tell you my thoughts today... or rather the thoughts I have had about today. 
Here they are: "Be Present."  Just that.  I know we have all heard that and read that and just plain know to be present... But we are not always present enough to register it!  And as I write these words, my husband is here, wanting to go to work and get his goodbye kisses... and I have to come back to "being present", so that I can give him the attention he deserves! 
So I am bringing myself back to the present, drawing my spirit back into my body and mind... and give you the advice to do the same... it's a beautiful day today, and I'm here to enjoy it!  I hope you are too!

Living in Love and Light!


Thursday, January 27, 2011


Have you ever noticed how the people around you are your best teachers? So many times I forget this fact but here are a few of the lessons that have been brought to my attention today alone!

1) I have been taking myself WAY WAY too seriously.

Note to self: This lifetime is NOT a race, there is not prize given to the most serious student, the one who studies the most, or the one who completes the most lessons. Thank you, Patsy, for reminding me of this very important fact!

2) It's ok to be human.

Yes, there is a lesson in everything, is my belief. We just have to reach out and acknowledge it to gain the wisdom that is there. Emotion, all emotion-fear, anger, love, joy-the whole gamut contributes to who and what we really are.

3) Girlfriends (or just friends) are THE best thing in the world.

You know the ones that I'm talking about. The friends that know your sense of humor, laugh at your stupidity, and love you to bits. They also know you're going to laugh when they do something dumb too. Lifting you up and leaning on your shoulder for support are all in a day's work...or even in just one phone call.

(I think I may be taking myself awfully seriously again but I seem to be in that kind of mood tonight, so I'm going to run with it.)

4) I really need to write this blog when I'm feeling inspired like that one time that I had an idea and Patsy said "I call dibs" so I didn't write it down and she didn't either and we both forgot the idea but think we'll remember.....sometime. You know, like that. 

Yeah, there are more.....but this seriousness thing is giving me a headache.

Til then,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Card for the Day: Page of Wands

So I thought I would continue on with the "Card for the Day" theme and show off my new Victorian Romantic - Russian tarot deck at the same time.  The first card of the day was THE FOOL, which I thought was so very appropriate, due to the initiation of my new site and blog and everything else going on for me... and for my sisters (and soon to be brothers!)  This card is the Page of Wands.  He is saying to me: "You have the power, the energy, the magic! ... to make whatever you begin a success!  You are new to this and may make some mistakes, so use them as tools to learn and to grow." 
I feel that this can apply to all of us as we go on our paths.  We all have the opportunity to be successful and to learn as we go.  How awesome is that?  We can look at what didn't work and what did and go forward.  Sometimes we may go in spirals, appearing to go on the same path again, (like a retrograde Mercury, perhaps?) But we are all going to move on our path... and I hope your path is as joyful as mine!

Speaking of sisters and brothers, My Three Sisters is adding to our group!  We have had several tentative offers of craftspeople and artists who may join our store!  Just a hint, one person who may be interested crafts flutes out of cedar!!!  Another artist may be sharing meditation CD's with us!  How exciting is that!  Check for more updates - and watch for our GRAND OPENING on 02/14/11. 
Living in Love and Light - and open to sharing it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Card for the Day: The FOOLPhotobucket

I thought I would draw a card from my new tarot deck and share it with you today... funny how things work out, isn't it?
The Fool tells us to believe in ourselves. To take that first step off into the direction we have chosen.  It may be a bit of an unexpected drop, but what a lesson we will have learned and will be ready for the next step when it comes!  And we have support and love in the background... look at the little dog, he signals unconditional love and support!  What more could you ask for?!  Sometimes you will have to take a step back and regroup after the intial charge - that's okay!  Use what you learn to move forward on your path.
Have a most wonderful Monday! 
living in Love and Light,


Monday, January 17, 2011

Signs for Our Future Endeavors: What is your sign?

I just wanted to say that I have been hearing a lot about signs lately… and about looking for signs in nature and for kledons (which are seemingly insignificant words or phrases that are overheard, and pertain to whatever is happening in your life at the time.), and just random things that can be applied to circumstances that are happening to you and I, right now. For example, I have wanted to pound away at the store website and just get it done! So, as I am gearing up to go at it, I read a post from a dear friend of mine on FACEBOOK. She posted a picture of a stick bug (cute little bugger!) and gave the message:
"According to Ted Andrews, the message of stick bug is "be patient and continue what we have been doing....the results are coming, but we must allow them to come in their own time....This is a time where personal stillness - meditative and altered states of quietness - comes into play...[W]e will find ultimate success." That is one message that I really need to keep in mind! I have always gone after things pell mell – fast and frantic! Got to have it, get it, make it, keep it! …..and then I end up having to stop and regroup and do some things over again… ooops! Well, with the image of the stick bug firmly in my mind, I am now cautiously moving forward… I think!

So what are the signs of our future? Well, I am not going to even go into that subject, I'm sure that there are a million other people that can elucidate more fluidly on that subject! I am asking this question on a more personal level. What are you looking at as a sign that will help you as you travel through your life? Do you watch the birds and the caterpillars as they move in the fall to know that the winter is going to be a hard one? Or do you see a spider and watch where he makes his web or ask him if he has a message for you? I, personally, end up missing all but the most obvious signs around me… the kledons in my life have to bash me in the head like a ball bat for me to notice! But I am trying to make an effort to be more involved with these messages that are making their way to me… When I see a flock of cardinals, (which I did, and this is not what I considered to be a normal occurrence!) I slow down, look around and see what they are cautioning me about. I look to see what message they are pointing out to me, if it's just – "look out, there is a cop with a radar ahead!" or "slow down today and pay attention to the people you come into contact with." I am trying to look at both and see where that leads me. That particular day, it was about the people that I met and spoke to… but you never know… it could have been a radar gun! I am trying to listen and learn and that is the main focus of this blog today! I felt the need to share that with you all as well. It is the dark of winter, January, and the earth is resting, waiting for spring to come and warm things into awakening. I am still stirring around in my burrow, and will occasionally pop out to check if I've missed anything, like a little groundhog in the winter months.
I have had several other signs this weekend which have had me spinning around in a circle with excitement and laughter! I have started a new book, by Sera Beak, called "The Red Book". It is fascinating! I think it is/will be a real eye opener for some, as the authoress gives a different perspective to spiritual stuff. My take on what she is saying is that it is allowable to be human, and to have juicy life experiences and be spiritual – and not be stuffy or ritualistic and everyone is not going to experience things in the same way… and that is okay too! Now, I'm sure that she is not the only one to have this conversation… but she is now having this conversation with me! That is what is so exciting to me!!!! The funny thing is that I ran into/listened to this person in an interview on a show and thought… "hmmm, I should look her up…" so I went to her web site and researched her for a minute. I bookmarked her and move on, or so I thought. The next time that I logged on to Hayhouse, there she was again! The show was the same one that I had caught before, (a re-run), but what are the chances of hitting it again, different time – different day? I took it as a sign. I went out and bought the book. Love it. Absolutely resonates with me. So, I mentioned it to a friend of mine that I thought might also enjoy the jolt of thought. She did the same thing. Looked at the site, thought she might like it and forgot it… until she got an email from another friend – recommending that she check out this great little writer.. Sera Beak! Is that a sign or what?
Here is another story that I will share with you about signs: I have been on the lookout for a fabulous new briefcase for my new job for a while now… (now get this, I don't have the new job in hand yet, but I have my order in, and have one bookmarked as mine) Now, because I wanted this briefcase to be for my new job, I really didn't want to get it until I got the job locked in. I have been to the store several times, looking at the Fossil purses and carryalls, mmmm lush leather! But I am particular, I want a gorgeous red leather bag, and lots of places to be organized, not just a bag to throw all my stuff into - humble jumble – no! This weekend, I went to the store for something totally different and happened to gander over to the Fossil section, and BAM! There it is! The beautiful bag of my dreams! A RED FOSSIL BRIEFCASE! AWESOME! I was thrilled… $148, marked down to $118! Awesome price! I didn't have the cash in my budget for this month, so I thought, "I'll just check if they do a layaway here…" And yeaaaa! They do! So, I take it to the layaway lady to put it back for me, and she rings it up; guess what? On sale for $88.00!!!! Now is this a sign or what? Do I listen! Of course I do!!! I have the purse put on layaway!!!! I am not finished yet!!! I was thinking that most layaways are for 90 days or so… not for this bag! I have to pay it out in 30 days!!!! My thoughts on the matter? I am going to need it for my new job in about 30 days!!!! What do you think? Laff!!! (Sorry for posting this and being so excited about it as well: directed to my present boss if she reads this!) I am excited and open to accepting my new, creative, flexible, well paid, position! Can I get a yeaaa on that, please?!
What other signs are happening in your life, that are not blatant and in your face?  Take a look around you! Sorry, I have to say it! "What is your sign?" ... for today? Did you miss it? Ask to be shown again!
Be kind and share with us if you have a moment!
My intention is to be open to these signs.  It is also my intention to be open to the changes as they are pointed out to me. Love and light to all,
And thanks for listening!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

To be Motivated, or Not

Well, hello! It's been a bit, hasn't it? Patsy has been one busy beaver since the New Year and the big squeese of the Solstice of the 21st of December and the eclipse of Jan 4th. While I felt the cleansing and clearing of the energies right before the solstice, and the motivation the next week, my experience of the energies that have been coming in since the eclipse have been a bit more, how shall we say?....slow.....

If anyone else here follows these kind of celestial happenings and is sensitive to the energies that are coming in, my view has been that there are two camps. Patsy and I happen to be in those camps, opposite ones. On one hand, there is this major opening and push to create and manifest. To show the world what you can do. On the other, however, it seems as if there is major clearing and cleansing of deep rooted lessons, pain, and expectations, that are coming to the surface to finally be released. My experience has been one of fatigue, mind fog, aimless wandering, and avoidance. I crave peace and quiet and aloneness. (and a bag of Epsom salts to soak in) I've also felt the push to get more organized which I have been able to get myself to do, at least a little bit.

I anticipate that this is a temporary thing that will clear out in the timing that is correct for me. At that point, I'll be able to make my movement forward. This doesn't stop me from experiencing some guilt that I haven't gotten some things done that I wanted to, or some envy at what I see my sister (Patsy) putting out there. Probably more lessons that I need to acknowledge, learn from, and release, don't you think? For now though, I'm going to rest and relax, clear and cleanse, and know that no matter what is going on with everyone else, I'll experience what is right for me at any given time. You will too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Blog or Not to you want to listen?

So.... yesterday (01/11/11), I listened to Summer McStravick and her mother, Venus Andrecht in an online gift to those who wished to participate in reviewing their year goals and achievements for 2011.  Yes, I said that correctly!  They called it a webinar, but we really just listened and received the benefit of all that energy that was generated by such a large gathering of like-minded spirits! 
We all wanted to participate in the raising of energy and consciousness for the betterment of our future - our personal futures, and participate we did!!!  It was fabulous!  The energy flowing through and with the crowd was all that and more!  By the end of the 30 minute program, I was laughing and crying - from all the emotional energy that was brought out.  Summer did one of her astounding Flow Dreams for/with us and it was so focused on helping us to see, hear and realize our dreams and goals, in the retrospect!  I could see that all my goals had been realized and that was breathtaking!  This retrospect showed me how happy I was to have made these achievements!  I saw it as movement in the right direction - Hoorah!!!!
Then the famous Venus stepped in and gave one of her awesome MOJOs to us!  She yells and dances around - waves her arms around and laughs, spits, crows - whatever the energy flows through her does!  It can be quite a spectacle, but the energy that she blasts at you - WOW!  And the fun!  The laughter that is generated from all that energy... the laughter is what keeps you from being blown to pieces from the mojo.  WoW, its quite the experience! 
Which brings me to the subject for today, and as I said that, that my body gave me a nervous little twitch, and my ears are on fire...which usually indicates that my angels and guides are sharing.  My subject was brought to my attention by the wonderful Venus, as she described her relationship with her mother.  It sounds like she had a great mother, (as we all do, at one point or another).  But she told a story about how she started focusing and throwing the energy mojos.  Venus' mother told her what a powerful person she was, and questioned why she didn't do something with all that power?  Hence the mojos from Venus were born, yeaa for us!
So, I looked back at my life and thought about it, and I don't ever remember having that type of conversation with my mother - which I sure that many of us haven't - my mother was not into realizing her power.  She was trying to have the "Dream".  You know, 6 kids, white picket fence....tra-la-la!  So, what about that?  When did I get the recognition of my power?  I had to go deep inside myself to get that recognition.  Deep down and then listen to my psyche --- I am Powerful!  I am in charge of my choices!  I choose what I choose!    ..... Oops, I have been interrupted by my kitten, Sunny, who is also powerful and exerting her power!  Laff!  She keeps me from getting to full of myself, doesn't she!  laff!
So what I am trying to say to you is that you will have to go deep down and locate your power - because we all have that potential;  the energy to be true to ourselves and give ourselves the recognition that we sometimes need.  The potential to own what we are and our goals and to own the choices we make for ourselves in our lives.
I really would have loved to have gotten an 'atta girl' from my mother;  a head-nod toward the power of our feminine divine or inner self or whatever it's called. But I haven't gotten it yet - although, in retrospect, she is probably still waiting for that same recognition herself!  Hmmm... I think I'll tell her this weekend, what a great job she did and thank her for all the energy that she shared with us girls - and give myself a little nod of recognition as well. 
And while I'm on the subject, let me share that with you as well, my friend; <nod>, YOU are powerful and in charge of your choices... and they are great choices!  YOU are a powerful being!  And YOU have to ability to bring whatever great things you desire into your life and into the lives of others! 
Do you feel your power?  Feel it welling up from your toes?  Up to your solar plexus?  Acknowledge it!  Focus it to bring betterment to your life, and the feel the joy of it and the laughter of life as it flows and floods your being!!
And with that, I leave you to finish your day in wonderful, divine light!
Enjoy your day, Loved Ones!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun and Games with Pictures!

I am learning to post things here and I hope you enjoy what I post... This is just a little slide show that I put together for our amusement!  Enjoy!

Did you notice the Date? 01/11/11

Hello out there!!!
Did you notice the date for today?  I noticed it! I love all the "1's " that are turning up in this year!  It seemed like last year was about the "0's", which could be the void before the filling of something, but this year is the year for beginning!  I love it!  I have some personal interests in this year, as well as some beginnings of things!  I hope that you take a moment to look at all the new things that are entering your life for you this year.  Look at them now and put some definition to them, flesh them out and chose a direction for them to grow in.  (Vision boards are being suggested by a lot of folks, although I haven't taken the time to complete one for myself - yet!)
I stayed home from work today, presumably to wait for a repairman to come and fix my microwave - which by the way, broke at the end of December.  (we really haven't missed it that much, either!)  But in reality, I wanted to be home to catch up on my Hayhouse Radio programs, which feature the live shows on Tuesdays( mostly).  I also wanted to be at home to listen to the Flowdreaming and Mojo Throwing duo, Summer McStravick and Venue Andrecht, which by the way starts at 5pm Central Time for a 30 minute web event - and it's free!  So here I am, working on different projects, fighting the kitten for control of the keyboard, and wanting to create my new picture for our store, My Three Sisters- Online.  I have a few other things that I will need to complete, so that I can give my full focus to that art work!  So until then, it's bubbling in  the background. 
I had a great subject that I wanted to blog about today... Ieshia and I were talking about it last night and I thought that I called 'dibs' on it for today's blog... but here's the kicker, I forgot to jot down my notes for it last night - and it has left the building.....!  I can't even remember what it was that we were discussing!  So, Ish, if you can remember - it's all yours!  Laff! 
So, back to the subject line!  What are your plans for today?  1/11/11 is a very auspicious day to begin things!  Great thoughts, great writings (laff), great meals, whatever touches our lives and brings joy and laughter!  Take a minute at the beginning of your day and again at the end; look at what you planned and brought to fruition and enjoy it,...... again! 
Have a most wondermous day,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to our new store !!! We are getting things organized and are ready to offer services and some products!

    Hello, I am known as Patsy Dollar.  I have been known by other names, and will probably gather a few more names as I gather years.  What a wonderful project - gathering names! 

    Early in 2010, I had a vision of opening a shop - cafe- spa - salon - meeting place... I got out a notebook and started writing and planning - layouts, merchadise, service providers (sisters!), -all the things that would make a wonderful stopping place and would offered the community a place to go, relax, dine, and shop for all the things they probably would not get at the mall!  Oh, I have wonderful plans!  A place where good health, spirituality, delicious food and personal care could all be housed and enjoyed!  And on top of that would be space - space to rent for classes, meetings, conferences... how wonderful!!!   
    The thing that I lack is: number 1: practice, and number 2: funding. This is the norm for most people, and they usually decide that it takes too much trouble to get the practice or the funding.  Well, I am not most people, as those of you who know me will agree.  I decided that in order to get practice, I would have to just do it.   And  in order to get funding, I would have to put myself out there - here, and see if I can gather interest in my project!  So, here I am! 
    In the meantime, while I am practicing and working on funding, I have a few products to sell to you and your friends, and a few services to offer!  I have opened myself, and my store, up for business, with the help of a few sisters!  (we may add some brothers to the mix, but so far, it's just us girls!)  Welcome!  My Sisters are gathering and are ready to assist!  Come on it and see if we can offer anything of interest to you!  And if you don't see it offered, it doesn't mean that we don't have it!  You may just need to ask if we have whatever it is in the back room, forgotten and waiting for you!  So go to the guestbook or just email us at .  We'd love to hear from you and will be glad to rustle around in the store to see if we have your stuff!