Wednesday, January 12, 2011

To Blog or Not to you want to listen?

So.... yesterday (01/11/11), I listened to Summer McStravick and her mother, Venus Andrecht in an online gift to those who wished to participate in reviewing their year goals and achievements for 2011.  Yes, I said that correctly!  They called it a webinar, but we really just listened and received the benefit of all that energy that was generated by such a large gathering of like-minded spirits! 
We all wanted to participate in the raising of energy and consciousness for the betterment of our future - our personal futures, and participate we did!!!  It was fabulous!  The energy flowing through and with the crowd was all that and more!  By the end of the 30 minute program, I was laughing and crying - from all the emotional energy that was brought out.  Summer did one of her astounding Flow Dreams for/with us and it was so focused on helping us to see, hear and realize our dreams and goals, in the retrospect!  I could see that all my goals had been realized and that was breathtaking!  This retrospect showed me how happy I was to have made these achievements!  I saw it as movement in the right direction - Hoorah!!!!
Then the famous Venus stepped in and gave one of her awesome MOJOs to us!  She yells and dances around - waves her arms around and laughs, spits, crows - whatever the energy flows through her does!  It can be quite a spectacle, but the energy that she blasts at you - WOW!  And the fun!  The laughter that is generated from all that energy... the laughter is what keeps you from being blown to pieces from the mojo.  WoW, its quite the experience! 
Which brings me to the subject for today, and as I said that, that my body gave me a nervous little twitch, and my ears are on fire...which usually indicates that my angels and guides are sharing.  My subject was brought to my attention by the wonderful Venus, as she described her relationship with her mother.  It sounds like she had a great mother, (as we all do, at one point or another).  But she told a story about how she started focusing and throwing the energy mojos.  Venus' mother told her what a powerful person she was, and questioned why she didn't do something with all that power?  Hence the mojos from Venus were born, yeaa for us!
So, I looked back at my life and thought about it, and I don't ever remember having that type of conversation with my mother - which I sure that many of us haven't - my mother was not into realizing her power.  She was trying to have the "Dream".  You know, 6 kids, white picket fence....tra-la-la!  So, what about that?  When did I get the recognition of my power?  I had to go deep inside myself to get that recognition.  Deep down and then listen to my psyche --- I am Powerful!  I am in charge of my choices!  I choose what I choose!    ..... Oops, I have been interrupted by my kitten, Sunny, who is also powerful and exerting her power!  Laff!  She keeps me from getting to full of myself, doesn't she!  laff!
So what I am trying to say to you is that you will have to go deep down and locate your power - because we all have that potential;  the energy to be true to ourselves and give ourselves the recognition that we sometimes need.  The potential to own what we are and our goals and to own the choices we make for ourselves in our lives.
I really would have loved to have gotten an 'atta girl' from my mother;  a head-nod toward the power of our feminine divine or inner self or whatever it's called. But I haven't gotten it yet - although, in retrospect, she is probably still waiting for that same recognition herself!  Hmmm... I think I'll tell her this weekend, what a great job she did and thank her for all the energy that she shared with us girls - and give myself a little nod of recognition as well. 
And while I'm on the subject, let me share that with you as well, my friend; <nod>, YOU are powerful and in charge of your choices... and they are great choices!  YOU are a powerful being!  And YOU have to ability to bring whatever great things you desire into your life and into the lives of others! 
Do you feel your power?  Feel it welling up from your toes?  Up to your solar plexus?  Acknowledge it!  Focus it to bring betterment to your life, and the feel the joy of it and the laughter of life as it flows and floods your being!!
And with that, I leave you to finish your day in wonderful, divine light!
Enjoy your day, Loved Ones!

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