Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ebb and Flow....

...of our life...  it's so true.  Many things have been ebbing and flowing within my life, how about yours?  I have been feeling the pull of the Super Moon for several weeks now.  All the other things that have been happening around the world have been affecting me, as I am sure you have been affected too.  I have been feeling as if I have been in slow motion.  Pulling through a long stretch of vanilla pudding...feeling the pull against my legs and the suction as my feet slowly pull up and out of the muck, and then plop back down into it for the next step.  Whew!  But we are now moving forward for just a minute or two... until the Mercury Retrograde!  I have such good feelings about this retrograde though!  I am starting to feel my energy levels building and am so looking forward to my projects that need to be completed!  Why, just today I pulled up old carpet and padding in my loft area, and with the help of my husband, searched out all the little staples and nails and then primed it with some stinky, but well recommended primer.  Now we are ready to lay the linoleum!  Out with the old and in with the new!  I am also going to finish the pastel series that I started on historic old buildings/areas of interest in our downtown area.  I have 3 completed and at least 3 more that have caught my interest.  I plan to finish them by the time that Mercury finishes with his retrograde! 
So how are you dealing with the energy surges, downloads and miscellaneous interferences in your world?  I have been trying to keep myself amused by watching how others are being affected and their reactions to it.  Some have been amusing, while others have backfired on me!  Mostly work related, but some at home as well.  I had to pull up the carpet in our loft because the dog kept wetting on it, and the shampooer was just not getting it clean anymore.  Oh, our water heater broke last night... started leaking at the top and the bottom.  Wonder where that came from...?  My husband's radiator also started leaking on Sunday... hmmmm water, water, water...and related to hubby... (the water heater is located in the man cave, where he spends a great deal of time.)I'll have to think about that one for a minute! 
So, change is a happening, and we are all being affected on several different levels.  I hope you can enjoy the ride as much as I intend to!  I think it makes it easier to roll with when you realize that it's not just you being affected. 
As for me... I say, Come on Mercury Retrograde!!!!! Wheeeeeee!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To My Friend, You know who you are...

Picture by Brittany Mauriss

 I See You

I peer through the window,
The raindrops smearing and blurring
Your image.

I look again and see you as you are. 
Rain on your head, your shoulders, your face. 
I know that you feel the rain washing you. 
Do you?

You are finished with all the dirt, the pain,
the crap that other people load on you.
It is washing off in the rain
Puddling at your feet
Draining off into the grass
To be recycled in some other form.

Come inside
When the rain stops.
When you feel clean.
When ever.

I can show you the path to the door.
You don't have to come in the window.

I have walked that path many times
In the rain.

Patsy Dollar

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My first meditation-Ieshia

I'm sure that everyone has stories and experiences of "first times". Most of these types of experiences are universal and recalled by people with nostalgia and fondness and sometimes, maybe even regret. This is my story from one of my "firsts".

About 10 years ago, I was just beginning to practice yoga. I'd always been intrigued but had never explored this wonderful method of movement and meditation. I have to admit that at the time, I just thought of it as an alternative form of exercise, and really had no idea of the vastly diverse forms of yoga. Nor was I aware that yoga was a form of meditation.(I'm still mostly ignorant of all the different forms of practice.) All I knew was that it kept me flexible, was low impact, and I didn't have to run! That part was great for me! So, I found a small yoga class locally to participate in once a week, and I invested in a set of yoga tapes. My son was only one and a half at the time, and it would be so funny to see him come into the living room while I was practicing a sun salutation and throw his arms up in the air and say "I'm doin oga, mama".

After some time of practicing at least every other day or so, I decided to bust out the meditation tape that came in the set of yoga videos that I had puchased. The thought of meditating was never even a glimmer of a thought that had crossed my mind prior to this. As a matter of fact, even prayer was not something that I was comfortable with. I was born and raised as a Catholic and the extent of prayer in my life centered around bedtime prayers when I was a small child, and the rote prayers taught in catechism (sunday school) classes until I was about 14. While I had been doing some post yoga relaxation (corpse pose), I didn't even realize that it was considered "meditation".

So, on that warm, sunny day, in the middle of my living room, on my yoga mat I sat, and attempted my first "meditation".

Well, Ieshia, how do you meditate? I suppose I sit here cross legged with my hands on my knees, classic finger and thumb touch pose, close my eyes, and breathe. Well, ok then, here goes.......wait a minute...what is this? Close a nostril, breathe in the other, pinch it closed, open the other, breathe out? well, ok, we'll do that for a while. What's that guy saying on the video? Imagine what? oh...ok....relax the muscles...feel for tension.....relax some more...hmmmm...this is pretty nice....

I don't remember a concept of time during this could have been five minutes, or twenty, what I do remember is that at some point, the instructor said to imagine that warm oil is being poured over your body and flowing over you, relaxing your muscles even further........and that's when the most wonderful, profound feeling happened to me. What I felt was the presence of another, another in the room with me, pouring a jar of oil over my head and down my body, telling me how greatly and profoundly that he loves, just the way that I am. That he knows my struggles and my pains and that it doesn't matter, for I am Divinely loved and cherished.

That was the day that my search began. That was also the day that my healing began. Sitting there in my living room with sobs racking my body and tears running down my face, I KNEW, knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am a child of the Divine...and that there is so much more to the Soul and Spirit of a person than I was ever taught by any one religion.

That was also the day that God Got Bigger. No longer was God only the one I was taught about, He was also now a part of every person I ever met, or will meet, or will never ever come in contact with. God was also inside of me, where I could go to talk to Her whenever I needed to. While I tend to fall back on what I've been taught, and I do most consistently identify myself with those teachings, I no longer allow another to define my viewpoint of those teachings. I make up my own mind. Most of all, I go back to my own experiences and judge what I learn by what I KNOW from those experiences, and by what I FEEL in my heart. That was also the day that I learned how to listen. In the quiet of meditation, I wasn't just talking to God any longer, by saying prayer, but learning to listen and to feel His presence in my life. He was always there....He was never elsewhere.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Freedom from Pain

In Love & Survival:
8 Pathways to Intimacy and Healing,
Dean Ornish, M.D., writes:
“There is a time and a place for drugs and surgery.
Even when these are necessary,
they are just the beginning.”
In some ways, the Freedom from Pain CD was created because the techniques on that CD are what worked for me as I overcame chronic pain. I had been given a diagnosis of degenerative disc disease—L4, L5, and S1, and osteoarthritis of the hip. I was told that I needed to have a hip replacement but, since I was only 38 years old at the time, it was suggested I wait. Otherwise, it was thought I would have one hip replacement, and it would only last 10 years, then I could only have one more, and would be left with no options at 58 years old.

I was evaluated at the Post Polio Clinic at University of Michigan. There I was told I had not actually had polio when I was five years old, even though I had been diagnosed with (and had been treated for) polio in 1955. I was prescribed a lumbar support, a shoe lift, and physical therapy. I was taking 1,000 mg of Naprosyn daily.

With everything that was done to me, my symptoms got worse. I used to say that I had bad days and worse days. I never had a day where I was pain free.

The medical doctors told me I would not be able to work, I would be in constant pain, and I was told that I would never have quality of life. I am so grateful that you don't have to take bad advice, even when it is delivered as a hypnotic command, and even when you paid for it!

One of my friends was a nurse. She needed some quick CEUs so she attended a Healing Touch Level 1 workshop. She came back from that, brought me her manual, and gave it to me saying, "I don't know why I took this, but it is you." I did not know anything about chakras, or auras, or meridians, but I knew a lot about chronic pain, and one of the techniques said it was for relief of chronic pain.

Learning about energy healing gave me my life back, and I have since dedicated my life to sharing that with others. Now, over 60 years of age, I bike, hike, and totally enjoy life!

The opening track on Freedom from Pain is a progressive relaxation technique. Track two is a deepening of the relaxation response. Track three (Etheric Vitality Plus™) is a technique from Healing Touch. People not only benefit from doing this, but they are actually learning focus and breathing and visualizing for health.

Self Full Body Connection is on the last track and it is the technique (also from Healing Touch) that I taught myself to do on myself. It is the technique that resulted in my being able to get off all of the pain medication in a matter of weeks! I still use this one regularly, and have had wonderful results with it with others over the years as well.

The drawing of the hand positions for Self Full Body Connection are available as a free download from our Website at, and is also available with the language of a familiar Western prayer called the Our Father or the Lord's Prayer for those who prefer that language. That link is

It is wonderful that there is something that can make a difference for you, too. This photo is me, at age sixty!

The Freedom from Pain CD retails for $25, plus tax and shipping and is available online at:  or at

Friday, March 4, 2011

Divine Spark In Ginger

  By Rev. Debra Basham

“By saying grace, we release the Divine sparks in our food.”

When he said this, Rabbi Herschel (see, February 24, 2011) might well have been thinking about ginger!
Long before McDonalds was serving up millions of burgers, nature was providing us with pretty impressive herbs. Huffington Post ran an article on the benefits of ginger: “A new study finds that two types of chemical compounds found in ginger—gingerols and phenols—can be used as an analgesic to treat muscle pain.”
Ginger has for some time been known as an aid to digestion. According to a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, ginger was also deemed to relieve menstrual cramps as effectively as Ibruprofen. You can make your own tea by steeping some fresh ginger root for 10 to 15 minutes. Add organic lemon juice and local honey for additional health benefits, delivered via yummy taste.
Make a scrub for glowing and smooth skin using ginger, Epson salt, and lime juice, reportedly very popular at Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin, Texas.
Remember, however, herbs are no different from all the other areas in your life. It is important to know how much benefit you can receive from something, as well as the risks. Make smart choices.
In a study done at Brigham Young University, ginger was shown to bring more relief from motion sickness than the ingredient used in motion-sickness medication available over-the-counter (dimenhydrinate). I assume this is without the dry mouth or the drowsiness....
Wow, now I know why I really enjoy ginger chews. I often have some with me as my choice for “road food” when I travel.
This week, remember to really get the greatest benefit from everything in your life, make sure you have a healthy mental attitude. Check out this three-minute video on the healthy way to take medications on YouTube: Mind-Body Tips for Taking Medication, or let me know if you would like to receive the handout for this.
Share these tips with a friend or family member. Someone cared enough to send it to you!
Borrowed (with permisson) from Debra Basham, SCS Matters

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Patsy said: "... It's 9 o'clock, where are we going with this?"

I am so full of words and creativity and I want to spew it all out and share the thoughts and the art and the intuitive feelings that are here!  But I really need to find a focus and a topic and then stay with it as much as we can!  I ask the question of the folkses that assist me with such things, my posse, as such.  And they all chime in with a topic that they would like to share, so I may have to take a number and start over.  That being said, I will share with you a bit of my day, how is that? 
This afternoon I had set aside time to go meet with my husband and have my military id card renewed.  It had expired after only 3 years... huh.  So off we go to the military base to get in line. The system has gotten much better over the years and we were in front of a service representative pretty quickly!  (I had pre-planned that! Thanks to my posse!)  So, the year that I had my first retirement id card made, my hair was long and reddish.  That was many years ago - oh wait, only 3 years ago!  The picture really does show how much I have changed... both inside and out!  So these physical changes are now being noted on my identification!  First the lady asked if I wanted to change the color of my hair listed on the back of the card... That is a first for me!  I've always listed my hair as brown, but it really has changed drastically now - it's mostly white (not sure what has happened with that!).  She updated that on the card, then she asked about my height... well I used to be 5'4", but it seems that I've shrunk a bit and we updated that to 5'3".  Now the question everyone loves:  What about your weight?  Huh?  Did I want to change that?  She has changed almost everything else on the card, so I gave her that information as well (you will have to guess that number, sorry!)  So, the point that I wanted to make for all this is this:  WoW!  I have really embraced a lot of new thought patterns and processes and upped my vibrations and WoW!  I have really changed mentally and  physically and it has affected my outward appearance!  But I think the changes have been for my highest good.  And so does my posse!  We are now communicating (most of the time...) and I am healthier, physically and (I believe) mentally, than I ever was!  This is pretty awesome!  I am so excited to have traveled this far and I am so grateful for all the friends and guides that have opened my pathway with me! 
There is still a lot of movement and change going on, not only with me.  I keep seeing the Tower in my tarot spreads... both for me and for others.  There is also a lot of vibrational changes and downloads going on, as I'm sure you have noticed.  Been sleeping well?  Back or top of your head feel a little tingly?  That could be a pretty good indicator!  I've got to keep reminding myself to drink enough water and even if I can't sleep, I lay down and rest my body.  Meditation is importation as well.  It allows my brain to take a break from the daily monkey chatter that goes on with me. 
My point is this:  Embrace the change!  Take a note of  it, see if you can mark the changes that have already happened, both physically and spiritually.  Oh, did I mention that change is not always comfortable?  Laff!  Oh yea - sorry!  But if you can notice that you are uncomfortable because you are resisting the changes that are pushing you, you can sometimes stop the resistance and enjoy the ride. 
So, I never did find out where we were going with this. I know that there is more to be said, (my ears are vibrating!)  But this is the end of this blog for now!
Living in love and light!

( and as I am finishing the writing of this, my computer shuts down my explorer.  Apparently there is still more to be said but I will have to come back to it another day....)