Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Patsy said: "... It's 9 o'clock, where are we going with this?"

I am so full of words and creativity and I want to spew it all out and share the thoughts and the art and the intuitive feelings that are here!  But I really need to find a focus and a topic and then stay with it as much as we can!  I ask the question of the folkses that assist me with such things, my posse, as such.  And they all chime in with a topic that they would like to share, so I may have to take a number and start over.  That being said, I will share with you a bit of my day, how is that? 
This afternoon I had set aside time to go meet with my husband and have my military id card renewed.  It had expired after only 3 years... huh.  So off we go to the military base to get in line. The system has gotten much better over the years and we were in front of a service representative pretty quickly!  (I had pre-planned that! Thanks to my posse!)  So, the year that I had my first retirement id card made, my hair was long and reddish.  That was many years ago - oh wait, only 3 years ago!  The picture really does show how much I have changed... both inside and out!  So these physical changes are now being noted on my identification!  First the lady asked if I wanted to change the color of my hair listed on the back of the card... That is a first for me!  I've always listed my hair as brown, but it really has changed drastically now - it's mostly white (not sure what has happened with that!).  She updated that on the card, then she asked about my height... well I used to be 5'4", but it seems that I've shrunk a bit and we updated that to 5'3".  Now the question everyone loves:  What about your weight?  Huh?  Did I want to change that?  She has changed almost everything else on the card, so I gave her that information as well (you will have to guess that number, sorry!)  So, the point that I wanted to make for all this is this:  WoW!  I have really embraced a lot of new thought patterns and processes and upped my vibrations and WoW!  I have really changed mentally and  physically and it has affected my outward appearance!  But I think the changes have been for my highest good.  And so does my posse!  We are now communicating (most of the time...) and I am healthier, physically and (I believe) mentally, than I ever was!  This is pretty awesome!  I am so excited to have traveled this far and I am so grateful for all the friends and guides that have opened my pathway with me! 
There is still a lot of movement and change going on, not only with me.  I keep seeing the Tower in my tarot spreads... both for me and for others.  There is also a lot of vibrational changes and downloads going on, as I'm sure you have noticed.  Been sleeping well?  Back or top of your head feel a little tingly?  That could be a pretty good indicator!  I've got to keep reminding myself to drink enough water and even if I can't sleep, I lay down and rest my body.  Meditation is importation as well.  It allows my brain to take a break from the daily monkey chatter that goes on with me. 
My point is this:  Embrace the change!  Take a note of  it, see if you can mark the changes that have already happened, both physically and spiritually.  Oh, did I mention that change is not always comfortable?  Laff!  Oh yea - sorry!  But if you can notice that you are uncomfortable because you are resisting the changes that are pushing you, you can sometimes stop the resistance and enjoy the ride. 
So, I never did find out where we were going with this. I know that there is more to be said, (my ears are vibrating!)  But this is the end of this blog for now!
Living in love and light!

( and as I am finishing the writing of this, my computer shuts down my explorer.  Apparently there is still more to be said but I will have to come back to it another day....)

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  1. Oh, my.... yes, change is the only constant! I love how nature proves that evolution is the direction of change. Even when the outer looks like loss, nature is moving forward. Grateful!