Thursday, March 10, 2011

To My Friend, You know who you are...

Picture by Brittany Mauriss

 I See You

I peer through the window,
The raindrops smearing and blurring
Your image.

I look again and see you as you are. 
Rain on your head, your shoulders, your face. 
I know that you feel the rain washing you. 
Do you?

You are finished with all the dirt, the pain,
the crap that other people load on you.
It is washing off in the rain
Puddling at your feet
Draining off into the grass
To be recycled in some other form.

Come inside
When the rain stops.
When you feel clean.
When ever.

I can show you the path to the door.
You don't have to come in the window.

I have walked that path many times
In the rain.

Patsy Dollar

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