Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ebb and Flow....

...of our life...  it's so true.  Many things have been ebbing and flowing within my life, how about yours?  I have been feeling the pull of the Super Moon for several weeks now.  All the other things that have been happening around the world have been affecting me, as I am sure you have been affected too.  I have been feeling as if I have been in slow motion.  Pulling through a long stretch of vanilla pudding...feeling the pull against my legs and the suction as my feet slowly pull up and out of the muck, and then plop back down into it for the next step.  Whew!  But we are now moving forward for just a minute or two... until the Mercury Retrograde!  I have such good feelings about this retrograde though!  I am starting to feel my energy levels building and am so looking forward to my projects that need to be completed!  Why, just today I pulled up old carpet and padding in my loft area, and with the help of my husband, searched out all the little staples and nails and then primed it with some stinky, but well recommended primer.  Now we are ready to lay the linoleum!  Out with the old and in with the new!  I am also going to finish the pastel series that I started on historic old buildings/areas of interest in our downtown area.  I have 3 completed and at least 3 more that have caught my interest.  I plan to finish them by the time that Mercury finishes with his retrograde! 
So how are you dealing with the energy surges, downloads and miscellaneous interferences in your world?  I have been trying to keep myself amused by watching how others are being affected and their reactions to it.  Some have been amusing, while others have backfired on me!  Mostly work related, but some at home as well.  I had to pull up the carpet in our loft because the dog kept wetting on it, and the shampooer was just not getting it clean anymore.  Oh, our water heater broke last night... started leaking at the top and the bottom.  Wonder where that came from...?  My husband's radiator also started leaking on Sunday... hmmmm water, water, water...and related to hubby... (the water heater is located in the man cave, where he spends a great deal of time.)I'll have to think about that one for a minute! 
So, change is a happening, and we are all being affected on several different levels.  I hope you can enjoy the ride as much as I intend to!  I think it makes it easier to roll with when you realize that it's not just you being affected. 
As for me... I say, Come on Mercury Retrograde!!!!! Wheeeeeee!

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