Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Sunday Patsy

... and I sure could use some more weekend!!! How many times have you said this on a Sunday night?!  I tried not to set too many goals for the weekend days and for the time that I know that I have... but you know how it is... I always think that I have more time that I do.  The main thing is that I did accomplish the main goal I set for myself. Yeaaa, Patsy!  I completed another picture in the series I have started for local area buildings of interest.  The Roxy is complete!
I have recently been taking art classes from a local lady, Kimberly Santiago.  She is a wonderful lady who landed here courtesy of the military and her dad - many years ago, and she is good at teaching and making it fun!  So, I have been taking classes from her.  I decided a couple for months ago that I wanted to lengthen my list of things to do that I consider fun, and added drawing with pastels to the mix!  I never considered myself to be a 2 dimensional artist, I've always worked in 3D materials like clay.  But I decided that I wanted to see if I could draw - or "color" as I affectionately dubbed it.  I thought that if I call it something a little ridiculous, and it didn't work out, then no great loss.  I was just "coloring".  Well, here's the catch,  I like to color!  I really like to take what is in my head and make it come out on paper!  Another catch!  I don't always make it happen from my head to my hand to the paper...hmmm, go figure!  I started this process by first meditating and asking my guides to join in the fun and help me get a picture or two on paper.  I got all kinds of help!  Guides, and fairies and trees and all kinds of stuff flowing out of my head and onto the paper!  Wonderful!  I enjoyed it and we all had fun "coloring"!  The challenge?  I like to make art that is saleable.  The pictures that were coming out, while interesting and fun, were not always what one could sell! 
So then, a friend of mine suggested drawings of the local area.  I thought that was a marvelous idea!  The hitch?  I really can't draw! Not on my own, I can't!  I asked for help.  I really needed help on this one!  So, I went out and took some photographs of some local buildings that I thought were interesting and not too challenging.  I came home, had a little meditation, and sat down to draw.  I really called for help this time.  Not just asking for appearances and peek ins!  I wanted to draw a building and this would mean that I would have to connect my left brain with my right brain and make something happen.  I selected a picture of the new fountain in Clarksville, and started drawing!  My guides and angels came out in full force.  Okay!  Grid this and measure that and make sure that the perspective is on!  Wow!  I really channeled a great picture!  I am so proud and surprised at how well it came out!  But I really shouldn't be!  I had great help!  So since I did so well at that one, I thought, I'm gonna do another!  So the next time, I selected the Customs House Museum.  Gables and stuff... thank Goddess for TREES!  I had to ad lib a few extra limbs to make that work - but work it did!  GUIDANCE was there once again!  But I noticed that I was really working hard at all this "coloring"!  I thought, "this isn't supposed to be this hard, is it?"  That is when I went looking for an instructor. 
Here is the kicker.  I have completed a series of classes, and it has been great!  I have learned a lot about planning and placement and perspective.  But it is still WORK.  And planning and math and making the left brain co-exist with the right brain, ugh!  It appears that I have done a very good job at separating the two and not making them work together as often as they should.   So, I have come to the conclusion that that is the lesson that has come out of this.  Not the art or perspective, but the balance of bringing the left brain, logical part of myself, in with the right brain, creative part of myself, and balancing together to make things work.  All this time, I have separated this... and thought things were fine... now I am learning differently.  And it's working, it's a good thing to keep logical lefty and creative righty together, kinda like working in reality and playing in spirituality.  When they are blended into one, your life blends and becomes smoother.    So now I have a series of pictures that are emerging, and they are part left brain - math and measuring and making sure that things are in perspective, and part right brain - creativity and guidance from my spirituality and help from my posse!  
Wow, that's a lot of verbiage!  Hope you stuck around till the end!  Keep on the look out, I'll post photos of the drawings for your viewing pleasure!  Oh, and the artwork for this blog, that's by me... after a lesson or two from Kimberly!  See how she helped me focus my thoughts!
Living in love and light,

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Final Frontier-by Ieshia

As a lot of people know, my family and I are intending to go to Florida in April to see the final launch of the  space shuttle Endeavour, and just yesterday, the space shuttle Discovery lifted off on it's final mission. Like most people, I really didn't think about the space program a was always something in my periphery awareness, except when the horrible accidents of Challenger and Colombia occurred. NASA was just an entity that I took for granted, and astronauts were going into space and exploring. I wasn't aware of their schedule, but I knew that they were out there doing it, seeing wonderful things and discovering amazing discoveries, and that we all were benefitting from their efforts. I didn't even know that this year was going to be the last of the shuttle missions until my husband mentioned it last fall. Because I now live so close to Florida, it makes it much easier for us to go ahead and make the trip. I have to say, I never had the urge to go to the space center or see a launch, it was something I never thought I'd get the opportunity to do, so I never dwelled on it...but now...well, it's different.

Looking at the photos of Discovery sitting on it's launch pad, and studying the scenes of this most seasoned veteran lifting off on it's final mission, filled me with this overwhelmings sense of pride and nostalgia, and maybe even a little bit of melancholy. There is so much about the power and ingenuity of the human mind and heart in those pictures. So much of our love of adventure and our work ethic etched in the lines of that engineering marvel that is the shuttle, that it is so very hard to convey in words. Space exploration, even the words-the final frontier-is so much a part of the American Spirit as a Nation that it is difficult, for a person that has never really thought of it, to grasp. The shuttle and the people who man it embody so much of what the U.S.  people want to be. They are our best and our brightest, fearless, enthusiastic, hard working, adventurous, and they are go-getters, and family men (and women), they are embassadors, they are peacekeepers, and they are POWERFUL! Aren't these the traits that we strive for both individually and as The United States of America? And maybe even as a WORLD?

So, for the next month and a half, I'm going to try to calm down and NOT die of anticipation, LOL, as I digest and integrate what this chance to see the emodiment of the Human Spirit means to me. For now I know I'm very, very proud of what the Space Program has been for and done for this nation that I love, the symbolism and majesty that it has brought to our national persona. I will probably also mourn for the ending of this era of American space exploration, and because we don't know quite when or how it will continue, I will hope for and anticipate the American return to space in our future. Because, even though I choose to explore the inner workings of myself and God, there too always needs to be those that explore outward, that bring the images of how big our world is, and how vast the power of the Human Spirit working with God, is manifesting itself.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cording and Questions from Patsy

Good Day to all of you!  I have recently been 'reset' (as I call it) by going in for a vibrational therapy session with tuning forks.  I HIGHLY recommend you try this!  I have always achieved good results and truly enjoy the experience! 
So, I wanted to put this out there for all of you, who may read this and can give me some direction.  While at my session, I mentioned that I was really feeling pain or something in my solar plexus. This has happened before, and I have noticed it and went about my business without doing anything.  This past week, I had been doing a therapeutic meditation with one of Doreen Virtue's Cd's to cut cords and bring light and do a little general clearing and cleansing.  It was after that that I noticed the pain.  My therapist suggested that I cut some 'cords'.  Hmmm.  I thought that I had cut the cords with the meditation exercises and Archangel Michael.... She then asked if I had healed the spots where the cords had been...?  No... I didn't even think about it.  I had just went through the meditation, considered myself cleared and went on about my business.  Not such a good idea, folks!  When we cut something off... duh, we really should clear and cleanse the area and douse it in healing light!  Well, here I am with cut cords that are leaking and oozing and probably reconnecting as well.  So I have been working on removing the cords and healing Both ends of the cords.  That means healing myself where the cords were connected and sending love and light to the other end of the cord... to the person that corded me in the first place.  Oh, and for those of you whom I have inadvertently corded - I apologize!  That's another thing that I am finding out.  It's not just me that is getting corded!  I am sending these little buggers out and plugging into people as well! 
Question: Why would I cord someone?  One obvious answer to me is my children.  I know that I have probably (ha- probably!  You know I have done it!) sent out those guilt/mother cords in order to make them do what I would like to see them do!  I have been trying to reel those back in, without making too much damage apparent.  Where else have I been sending out cords?  Sorry about that!  What can I do to control the cording?  Can I get some comments on this subject from you all?  What causes us to send out cords?  I know that jealously and other lower vibrations can cause cording, but what else? 
Give me some feed back, please? I want to know more about cords!  If you don't want to post here, then drop me a line at . Talk to me about cords and cording!!!!!
Also on this subject;  what do you do to clear them up?  Keep them from reattaching?  How do you follow the cord back to the sender? Do you even want to follow the cord back? 
I am trying to research this a bit on the web... I think we all need a little class on it!  As I gather more information, I'll share with you! 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Today is a good day to die....from the heart of Patsy Dollar

Yesterday, as I sat and contemplated what status to put on FaceBook for the day that would best exemplify my feelings for the world, the words that came into my mind were:
"Today is a good day to die." 
I know that those are pretty dramatic words, but they really do say what I feel, and that is, I am content with where I am in this world.  I could do more, but would it make any difference to me or others if I did?  Not to say that I plan to off myself - not by any means.  But I am content.  What a wonderful place to be! 
Last week I was feeling the frantic pace I had set for myself.  I didn't have time to go pee, much less die!  I was questioning my goals, and the path that I had taken.  It was awful!  I know that it's good to shake things up a bit - occasionally - but it's not always the most comfortable situation to me.  I questioned myself, my heart, my guides and everyone else.  I don't recall getting the answers.  But I must have downloaded something, because I feel that I am at a good  place right now.  I am still moving - forward, sideways and in a spiral... but I don't feel out of control... chaotic... or crazed. 
I am thankful.  And I have been guided to write another haiku... love these little, short bursts of insight... little cameos of thought. My baby girl dog, Sassy helped with this one:

Early morning walk
     Blooming dawn in the east sky
Streaks of yellow, pink, grey

I am going to take the streaks of light and dark with me today.  Along with the completeness of  "It is a good day to die." 

Living in Love and Light

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon, Full of Wonder... by Patsy

I am back.  Whew!  I had a few moments of craziness that I will attribute to the upcoming full moon and the crunch of getting most everything on the website that I wanted.  Its not all there, but we had advertising, and all that hoopla, and even though the business cards are in the mail, we are launched!  So it is: My Three Sisters ~ Online.  Thank you to all! 

But that is not what I wanted to talk about tonight.  I wanted to talk about the beauty of the full moon as it hovers over my part of the world.  It is so bright and wonderful!  I love the freshness of the full moon on a soon to be spring night!  It shows out the shadows and the things that I normally don't notice when I come home to my family in the evening.  I really wanted to drag out a chair (and blanket) and just sit for a moment to bathe in the moonlight and refresh my feminine spirit.  But I'll save that for tomorrow eve. 
It's funny how I know it's coming, whether it a full or a new moon.  When I tune into my intuitive spirit, the moon talks to me through my guides and angels.  It's wonderful to feel them more fully, and to enjoy the moon and the emotions that are pulled by the forces of the moon. 

The moon she shines full
                   The emotions are drawn out
Delighted wails sound.

So as I am refreshed by the moon, expect more writings and musings to come! 
Living in love and light!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little History of Valentine's Day AKA: Lupercalia (shared research by Patsy)

 Funny how these things work out!  Here is a little history about the holiday today.  
I need to get me some goat hide!!!  I want to make sure that I don't have any curses hanging on me!  This morning, I thought I would Google Valentine's Day.  I knew that most holidays have Pagen roots to them, and I wanted to see if St. Valentine's Day was any different.  It's not - laff! My question is, how do you go from being a day to purify and bring abundance and then freeze from to martrydom... what do I know...? I'm still researching!  But I thought this little bit of information was interesting and I borrowed it from   , if you are interested in further info.

 Each year on February 15, the Luperci priests gathered on Palantine Hill at the cave of Lupercal. Vestal virgins brought sacred cakes made from the first ears of last year's grain harvest to the fig tree. Two naked young men, assisted by the Vestals, sacrificed a dog and a goat at the site. The blood was smeared on the foreheads of the young men and then wiped away with wool dipped in milk.
The youths then donned loincloths made from the skin of the goat and led groups of priests around the pomarium, the sacred boundary of the ancient city, and around the base of the hills of Rome. The occasion was happy and festive. As they ran about the city, the young men lightly struck women along the way with strips of the goat hide. It is from these implements of purification, or februa, that the month of February gets its name. This act supposedly provided purification from curses, bad luck, and infertility.
Long after Palentine HIll became the seat of the powerful city, state and empire of Rome, the Lupercalia festival lived on. Roman armies took the Lupercalia customs with them as they invaded France and Britain. One of these was a lottery where the names of available maidens were placed in a box and drawn out by the young men. Each man accepted the girl whose name he drew as his love - for the duration of the festival, or sometimes  longer.
The first modern valentine cards are attributed to the young French Duke of Orleans. He was captured in battle and held prisoner in the Tower of London for many years. He was most prolific during his stay and wrote countless love poems to his wife. About sixty of them remain. They are among the royal papers in the British Museum.
By the 17th century, handmade cards had become quite elaborate. Pre-fabricated ones were only for those with means. In 1797, a British publisher issued The Young Man’s Valentine Writer, which contained suggested sentimental verses for the young lover suffering from writer's block. Printers began producing a limited number of cards with verses and sketches, called “mechanical valentines,” and a reduction in postal rates in the next century ushered in the practice of mailing valentines. 
This made it possible to exchange cards anonymously and suddenly, racy, sexually suggestive verses started appearing in great numbers, causing quite a stir among prudish Victorians. The number of obscene valentines caused several countries to ban the practice of exchanging cards. Late in the nineteenth century, the post office in Chicago rejected some twenty-five thousand cards on the grounds that they were not fit to be carried through the U.S. mail. 
The first American publisher of valentines was printer and artist Esther Howland. Her elaborate lace cards of the 1870’s cost from five to ten dollars, some as much as thirty-five dollars. Since then, the valentine card business has flourished. With the exception of Christmas, Americans exchange more cards on Valentine’s Day than at any other time of year.
Chocolate entered the Valentine's Day ritual relatively late. The Conquistadors brought chocolate to Spain in 1528 and while they knew how to make cocoa from the beans, it wasn't until 1847 that Fry & Sons discovered a way to make chocolate edible. Twenty years later, the Cadbury Brothers discovered how to make chocolate even smoother and sweeter. By 1868, the Cadburys were turning out the first boxed chocolate. They were elaborate boxes made of velvet and mirrors and retained their value as trinket-boxes after the chocolate was gone. Richard Cadbury created the first heart-shaped Valentine's Day box of candy sometime around 1870.

So, there you have a version of St. Valentine's Day!   And let me remind you, today is the day that we launch the estore!  Go and shop! And Happy Lupercalia!  (Got any goat hide?)
Living in love and light,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yesterday...when I was at the library.....(Ieshia's musings)

Well, I'm sooo glad that that's over! You know, my old pity party? Yeah, I'm done, thank goodness! Onward dear friends, onward!

So, yesterday, when I was at the library, I got a nudge. You know the Nudge, the one where you stop in your tracks as you're making a beeline to some goal that you've made or some place that you're headed? Yep, that one. The nudge that signaled me to STOP and do this little swingy/pivot thing and to look back the other way. (I was headed straight to the online catalog desk.) By the way, does anyone else remember the old style 3x5 card catalog system? The one with the ginormous cabinet full of index cards that were meticulously typed and cross referenced in all their respective catagories? Yeah, I think I'd like to have one of those cabinets, there's a lot you could do with a piece of furniture like that, but what a bitch if you had to type all those cards up right? I wonder if they teach that anymore in Library Science? The class could be called What a Bitch it Was Back When We Hand Typed and Filed Dewey's Cards. The underheader could say Great system, Dewey, but thank God for Computers!

Ok, I really need to focus...I'm so off track my typing is getting all skewed....a signal...ya think?!

Alright, nudge......swingy/pivot thing. As I swing to the right, my gaze flows over the used and for sale book racks. I occasionally go have a look in there but not that frequently. But there I was, feeling like I was being pushed a little from behind to make my way over the the sale books. Dude, I didn't even have to browse, I put my water bottle in an open spot on the shelf and Bamm! there was a book titled Women, Food, and God by a Ms. Geneen Roth. Well, hot damn, I'm definitely a woman, definitely always thinking about food, and God that would be a Yep! thinking about God too. So, after I went ahead and perused the rest of the shelf, hit the catalog and browsed a few more titles in the racks, I handed over my big ole dollar and brought home my new/used book.

I have to say, my initial reading of the synopsis told me this was a diet book (but how many women do you know that have NEVER read a diet book?) but it was the God part that intrigued me. And while I'm only about half way through, there's not been a lot about God in the book. There has, however, been a lot of wisdom about listening to the SELF when it comes to food and trusting the SELF. There's been even more about how we use food in order NOT TO FEEL and to cover our emotions.

This isn't a blog about how great this book is, or how great this weight loss method is (that could come later...maybe) but about how the wisdom I've read so far pertains to everything I've been studying and working on for the past 4-5 years-meditation, communication with my guides, my concept of myself and others as extensions and expressions of God/Goddess/Source/the Divine/etc. Because when it all comes down to it, if I hadn't trusted an unspoken urge to turn around, I would never have even picked this book up. I think what I may find, is that if I put the same kind of analysis into my feelings about food (or anything else for that matter) that I put into analyzing if I just recieved a message from Spirit, that I'm going to learn quite a bit about myself and why I do the things that I do. And because I'll be making more of an effort to understand how my feelings and emotions effect me, and more of an effort into acually FEELING the emotions, that I'll start becoming a better channel for Spirit. Oh, and I'll also learn a little bit more about self Love....and isn't that what God is? You betcha, popsicle, it's all about the LOVE all up in here!

Easy As Pie ... Musings of a Lunatic (by Patsy Dollar)

So, I am finishing up with a few loose ends that I deemed needed to be done on the Grand Opening of our new metaphysical estore.  I have to tell you, I think I may have bitten off a bit too much this time!  I can totally relate to a friend of mine that has a brick and mortar store.... there is always something that needs to be done... yesterday.  It's all a bit overwhelming.  I am formally asking for help.  I need a jewelry maker, a crystal seeker/seller, and whom ever else would like to step in and lend a hand or a foot or even a reading! 

I've been soul path searching today. I am wondering if this is truely the path that I am to be on... and if so, Why?  This is not easy.  I would like to make things easy!  Delegate or just relax about the deadlines that I set for myself.  Perhaps that is the lesson....?  Should I be less driven and more relaxed?  These are the questions that I am asking.  It should not be this hard to get things done... should it? And why am I stressing over it.  I'm the one that set the deadline on this anyway, so that means that I can change it.... yeah... not gonna happen.  I feel the obligation of the estore and people that I have gotten together for it... and I have not even contacted all the people that I had hoped to have on-board by now.. my apologies to them! 

So if you are listening... bring me some light (at the end of the tunnel) and some helpers, please. 
As for the rest of you... enjoy your relaxation!! And send me some love - especially on this St. Valentine's Day Eve.
living in love and light,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Releasing, Releasing, Releasing-or, My Give a Damn's Busted (Ieshia's rant)

Well, where to start? I guess I start with the constant information that I've been reading about releasing. Releasing clutter, releasing relationships that do not serve your highest good, releasing expectations of a certain outcome, releasing self flagellation (or beating yourself up)....I have to admit THIS is one of my big issues. It is also the issue that brings me here today to tell the world (ok, or maybe just those that decide to take a minute) about why my give a damn is busted-or at least temporarily out of order.

I do have to mention that ever dreaded word-HORMONES. This could be a major contributing factor to this round of releasing being like a big ole sucker punch to the guts. Wait...let me re-quantify that, a big ole ROUND HOUSE KICK to the guts. There. Better. (don't you just love being a girl?) Well, for those of us that ARE girls.

Let's just say, I didn't look far enough ahead in the future to consider the ramifications of some words that I said. (this has happened way more than once over my life...but about twice in the immediate last few weeks) The ramifications of my words have brought me quite a bit of stress and worry. I don't like hurting anyone, even if I never intended my words to be taken in a manner that would be considered hurtful, and I don't like DRAMA. OMG...was there ever more hateful of a state? At least, it makes me completely and totally uncomfortable and anxious. I don't even really care for MOVIES that are considered DRAMA.  For pete's sake, I used to have to leave the room when someone did something embarrassing on a television show because it made me anxious, why the hell would I intentionally do something in my real life that would create that kind of anxiety? Nevertheless, that's what happened. Once, I said something that someone could consider hurtful, and second, I said something that could possibly happen, in which case I didn't know any specifics and was speculating. In neither case, did I think ahead. Boy, what a mistake.

Now, I know that there's always a lesson (I said that once before already, didn't I?) My lesson right now is to think, really think about the things that I do or say to others. I've always felt that a true friend will consider you, along with themselves, when deciding to do something that may effect you. I didn't do that in either of these cases. For that oversight, I humbly beg forgiveness and apologize to those involved. The other lesson that I need to process right now is forgiving myself for reacting, and acting, in less than a manner of integrity.

AAAAaaaaaannndd.....this is where I keep kicking myself today. (Funny how I can forgive a friend so much more quickly than I can forgive myself. It also makes me think that those hermits of yesteryear were so completely on to DRAMA! oh, and no GIVE A DAMN! except in a cosmic/global sort of way) Now, I've considered doing just as the hermit has done and completely isolating myself.....I've never been a social butterfly and tend to have socially awkward moments, hence the wrong reaction/comeback said in the wrong tone that hurt someone's feelings but I do realize that this could be a slow death for someone like me who really does need to have some interaction with others. I probably will pull back quite a bit's just my nature....hunker down, figure it out, and allow myself to heal, because not only do I believe that when we do something there is the possibility of hurting another, but I believe that if we do hurt another, we absolutely hurt ourselves. We're all ONE, right?

So right now, I'm getting ready to go into my hunker down phase. I tend to be a lot more cautious (good thing), and a lot less trustful (bad thing), when in this phase. At this time, I'll be able to re-evaluate and release and come out the other side all the stronger for it. Unfortunately, it's gonna be pretty much all about me and a lot less about being able to listen to everyone else. (For some reason, I have the sounding board phase of friendship pretty much down pat.) This time, I hope to have a lot of that "releasing" thing mastered too.

Til then,

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Downloads, Cosmic Shivers, and the Veil By Ieshia Reigel

Good Morning! I am not GREAT at being a morning person, but I do try! (and what a morning it has been) So, welcome to February, my friends. Along with being my birth month. February started with  a little bit of a whimper, when my alarm went off this morning, and proceeded to a full on BANG for me. (This is where I go all woo woo on everyone!)

(Disclaimer: this blog is pretty long and a little woo-woo, No- I am not off my rocker)

My story begins with an experience that I had in Ocober of last year. I was getting ready to head to the great state of Arkansas for a crystal digging trip near Little Rock, as well as trying to fight off a sore throat/head cold. At this point, I try not to take a lot of OTC meds because I prefer to drink tea and honey and maybe take some natural herbs-ok I may be going off track here. In any case, I went to bed 2 nights before I was to leave my home in Alabama to head to Tennessee to meet up with Patsy (who'd have guessed that one, right?) and her sister for our trip. When I went to bed I don't think that anything odd had been going on. I had, however, been having a LOT of energy running through my body over the previous few weeks. So much so, that I described it as "being hooked up to an electric line at my head and feeling the voltage run to my feet". So, I can't quite remember when the energy started picking up that evening, but I do know that it did. Now, I don't know if anyone has ever had this experience too, but if you have, you know that sleeping is pretty much out of the question. So I tossed and turned and did as much dozing off as I possibly could.

(If you're wondering where I'm going with this, hang in there, I promise I'll get to the point.)

Somewhere around 2 or so, I did get up, hit the bathroom and then drag my sorry butt back to the bed. I looked at the clock and lay down to attempt to rest. I remember closing my eyes and immediately I started seeing images. Everyone has dreams, sometimes full color, sometimes not, so remembering dreams is not unusual for most. The most profound part of this for me though, is that I wasn't asleep! I could feel a humming all over my body and as I closed my eyes, I felt a tingling at the top of my head (not unusual). The images, however, were very unusual. The only way that I can think to describe it is that it looked like a web page document. You know, like you're reading something on Adobe and you use the scroll wheel on your mouse to make the pages move up? That's what it looked like. It felt like I was standing in a darkened room with a great big movie screen in front of me and this web document scrolling in front of my eyes. There was absolutely no way I was reading this document though because it was moving WAY too fast, and I couldn't get it to slow. I even remember walking up really close to the screen and willing the page to slow down so that I could read dice.

Well, let's just say that I was super excited when I got up the next morning and I remembered what had happened the night before, and that I pretty much gushed about my "download" to all of my friends about it in the next few days. Did I have any idea what had been in the "download". Nope. Not a one. At least not consciously. So, I filed this experience under "extremely profound and cool" and "to be understood at a later date", and went about my business. Not forgetting what happened, but not really focusing or thinking about it either. That is...until this morning. (Ha, you thought I forgot, didn't ya? [and while this is totally possible and highly probable, I did promise to get to the point]) we are, the first day of February, and I'm up, moving as much as a "not a morning" person does in order to get her kids off to school on time, and getting ready to take the dog for a walk after the bus leaves. As me and the kids are waiting for said big yellow vehicle, out of the corner of my eye I think I see a pair of legs briskly walking from the sidewalk in front of my front door to my driveway. Huh? Nope. No one there. The lady that runs in front of our house is at the far end of the street so it wasn't her. Maybe I did see something....just not with my regular "eyes". I chalk this up to my "I might have seen a ghost/alternate reality/whatever" experiences....and get my munchkins off to school.

Cut to, walking my dog down the street where there are a bunch of branches the neighbor has trimmed off their trees laying along the side of the road, and I get the feeling of those branches being surrounded by flitting fairies. Ok, whoa didn't actually see anything so, chalk it up to feelings and possibilities, and maybe a little imagination, don't rule it out but don't say for sure.

Twenty minutes later, turning around and heading home, sweating, talking to the dog and trying to get her attention so that we don't get caught in the rain that is starting to drizzle a little, we walk by a home that is empty and for sale, with a bush growing beside the mailbox. Is that wings flitting in that bush? A butterfly maybe? Wait a minute, there are no butterflies yet (even here in AL), no bird in that bush, and NO BREEZE. There is a clump of leaves from last fall still in the bush where the flittling was but not movement. Ok, that one I did see but I can't explain.

Ok, now here is where we come to the pertinence of the download thing.....About 1/2 an hour ago, I was checking my e-mail. I decided to read a message in a newsletter that I subscribe to from the EarthKeeper website. As I'm reading, I actually had a moment where the image of me looking at that screen the night of the download popped into my head, and then it hit me, the COSMIC SHIVERS. This e-mail looks like the download did. There was a border on the image of the download that was the same color as the border on this newsletter. This may not seem like a big thing but this is kinda an odd color, not yellow or brown or mustard, but some color around that spectrum. Add that to the shivers? yeah...I think maybe this message may have something to do with the other.  Add all the things that I saw and felt this morning to a message about angels and reality and Light and I have to wonder, is the information that I got that night starting to come into my conscious awarenss? Is the veil maybe a little bit thinner today?

At this point in my life, I don't exactly believe in coincidences.....I always HAVE believed that everything happens for a reason. Did I have these experiences today because I'm seeking? Yes, I think that's part of it. I also think that it's part of my Path opening up for me. There is so much we don't know about reality, God, Spirit, the human Soul, Heaven, Angels, Fairy...and the list goes on. I try not to judge and to just be open to it. I think as long as we look with eyes of Love and with hearts of Compassion, there's no telling what will happen. And when we hit on Truth, maybe we'll all be able to delight in some of those Cosmic Shivers! So, here's to hoping that your day is as magical and wonderful as mine has been!

Til then,