Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Sunday Patsy

... and I sure could use some more weekend!!! How many times have you said this on a Sunday night?!  I tried not to set too many goals for the weekend days and for the time that I know that I have... but you know how it is... I always think that I have more time that I do.  The main thing is that I did accomplish the main goal I set for myself. Yeaaa, Patsy!  I completed another picture in the series I have started for local area buildings of interest.  The Roxy is complete!
I have recently been taking art classes from a local lady, Kimberly Santiago.  She is a wonderful lady who landed here courtesy of the military and her dad - many years ago, and she is good at teaching and making it fun!  So, I have been taking classes from her.  I decided a couple for months ago that I wanted to lengthen my list of things to do that I consider fun, and added drawing with pastels to the mix!  I never considered myself to be a 2 dimensional artist, I've always worked in 3D materials like clay.  But I decided that I wanted to see if I could draw - or "color" as I affectionately dubbed it.  I thought that if I call it something a little ridiculous, and it didn't work out, then no great loss.  I was just "coloring".  Well, here's the catch,  I like to color!  I really like to take what is in my head and make it come out on paper!  Another catch!  I don't always make it happen from my head to my hand to the paper...hmmm, go figure!  I started this process by first meditating and asking my guides to join in the fun and help me get a picture or two on paper.  I got all kinds of help!  Guides, and fairies and trees and all kinds of stuff flowing out of my head and onto the paper!  Wonderful!  I enjoyed it and we all had fun "coloring"!  The challenge?  I like to make art that is saleable.  The pictures that were coming out, while interesting and fun, were not always what one could sell! 
So then, a friend of mine suggested drawings of the local area.  I thought that was a marvelous idea!  The hitch?  I really can't draw! Not on my own, I can't!  I asked for help.  I really needed help on this one!  So, I went out and took some photographs of some local buildings that I thought were interesting and not too challenging.  I came home, had a little meditation, and sat down to draw.  I really called for help this time.  Not just asking for appearances and peek ins!  I wanted to draw a building and this would mean that I would have to connect my left brain with my right brain and make something happen.  I selected a picture of the new fountain in Clarksville, and started drawing!  My guides and angels came out in full force.  Okay!  Grid this and measure that and make sure that the perspective is on!  Wow!  I really channeled a great picture!  I am so proud and surprised at how well it came out!  But I really shouldn't be!  I had great help!  So since I did so well at that one, I thought, I'm gonna do another!  So the next time, I selected the Customs House Museum.  Gables and stuff... thank Goddess for TREES!  I had to ad lib a few extra limbs to make that work - but work it did!  GUIDANCE was there once again!  But I noticed that I was really working hard at all this "coloring"!  I thought, "this isn't supposed to be this hard, is it?"  That is when I went looking for an instructor. 
Here is the kicker.  I have completed a series of classes, and it has been great!  I have learned a lot about planning and placement and perspective.  But it is still WORK.  And planning and math and making the left brain co-exist with the right brain, ugh!  It appears that I have done a very good job at separating the two and not making them work together as often as they should.   So, I have come to the conclusion that that is the lesson that has come out of this.  Not the art or perspective, but the balance of bringing the left brain, logical part of myself, in with the right brain, creative part of myself, and balancing together to make things work.  All this time, I have separated this... and thought things were fine... now I am learning differently.  And it's working, it's a good thing to keep logical lefty and creative righty together, kinda like working in reality and playing in spirituality.  When they are blended into one, your life blends and becomes smoother.    So now I have a series of pictures that are emerging, and they are part left brain - math and measuring and making sure that things are in perspective, and part right brain - creativity and guidance from my spirituality and help from my posse!  
Wow, that's a lot of verbiage!  Hope you stuck around till the end!  Keep on the look out, I'll post photos of the drawings for your viewing pleasure!  Oh, and the artwork for this blog, that's by me... after a lesson or two from Kimberly!  See how she helped me focus my thoughts!
Living in love and light,

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