Sunday, June 26, 2011

Destination Unknown and Other Jouneys by Patricia

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Years ago a boss and friend gave me a going away card.  It spoke of the journey of life.  A reminder that the destination is not life, but the actual journey.... that is your life.. and mine.  For a long time, I was always looking ahead and making plans for "when we ..." and "after I...".  I am now learning that the here and now is what life is about.  I am working and playing and enjoying what I have now... I still set goals for myself. But I try to stay in the moment and listen to the birds that are singing now!  What a loverly song they are singing to me now.  And not just to me, but also to you!  Take just a moment an be present in this moment and listen! 
This particular thought process was brought to mind but the wonderful blog of my friend, Dahlis Roy.  She has posted a wonderful blog titled "Carry water, chop wood".  Dahlis shares what I believe is my next goal.  She speaks: " The quiet mind ("jing") is more present now with less frantic push to always be reading, drawing, or writing something."  Oh, to be more quiet!  I think....? 
Last Friday I went to my first session with an acupuncturist.  I have developed a bit of a problem with my sciatic nerve.  A problem that I feel my body may have manifested because of my constant movement.  I told the Doctor: "I am always on the move.  I even do my meditation on the move.  I have a hard time with being still."
I am as water flowing in a rocky creek bed...
even when the surface is mirror smooth,
I am moving and churning underneath. 

I am most comfortable in my body when I am on the move.  I can let my left brain take charge of the movement and my right brain is then able to flow and create. I am thinking that movement is a good thing... But perhaps a different type of movement is called for.
Journeys, movement and flow.  I shall always be in flow, and so always on my journey. 
Life is so wonderfully chaotic! 
Join me?!

Living in love and light! 


Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello World... Have you missed me?

I am here.  I just wanted to let you all know.  I am here and I am thinking and creating and the circus is here at my home.  That is why you are not being blessed with the ponderings that I have on a more frequent basis.  Sorry....
The circus is at my home and it consists of a cat, a big dog, a little dog, and a man.  I am the ring leader.  I am not in charge of anything.  But I direct the circus.... Sometimes.  I stand in the middle, for the most part, and issue food, buy supplies, clean up messes and wipe butts... oh, and I laugh.  A lot.  I sometimes laugh so much my sides hurt... and I cry.  Sometimes I cry more than I laugh.  That is okay too.  I am trying to keep things really simple and easy... and funny. 
So, one day, when I decide not to be a part of the circus anymore... I will tell you about it.
Until then,
I'm living in Love and Light!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wonderful Summer,
You have arrived!
Heat, clear sky....
and dandilions!

Waterpark, anyone? 

June has arrived, much to my delight!  I have been waiting for my summer to officially begin, and here it is!  No excuses now!  All the projects will now commence with much banging, singing and laughter! 
I surge forward with sure feet and true spirit... and I share my love of life with all of you who are coming with me and behind me.  Joy to you all!  Let's go!  Exhiliration and excitement! 
I move - forward, backwards and sideways - and always in a spiral!  I share this with you... along with a large serving of laughter and joy! 

living in love and light,