Monday, January 31, 2011

My Question is: What brings U "Joy"?

So, I had a wonderful weekend, chasing around and seeing people and stuff, completing painting projects, visiting with my mother and father... and just generally exhausting myself!  The nib of the matter?  Only about half of that stuff brought me into a state of "joy".  Sometimes we just have to buckle down and do the grunge work to get to the joy... or should I rethink and restate that and say that I need to find the joy in doing the grunge work?  Hey!  Now there is a new thought!   - Seriously, I knew that all the time... but I really wanted to state the obvious - laff! 
This weekend, I went to one of my favorite stores, Celestial Esscents, and attended a gallery reading by the famous Sammie Jo. (She was featured on MTV as a young psychic medium). She was fabulous and hit the target with all of us in the audience.  I really enjoy the part when she asks if we have questions.... my arm nearly gets broke when I shoot it into the air!  YES, I have a question or 10!  We had our main questions answered, (remember this is a group gallery with time constraints!), and then we happily move out to the store and then the parking lot to chat it up for a while!  I am with a girlfriend, and we are talking about my new car amongst other sundry topics.... and how it brings me joy!  I can just see myself whizzing through town in a flash of yellow and white!  It makes me laugh just to say it!  So - there is one of my joys!  Lovely!  My friend is looking kinda wistful, and says she is going to get a red car and join me in the fun... yeaaaaa!  So I look a little closer at her, hmmm... what is going on here? I don't mind sharing my joy with anyone, but is she really going to find joy in a little red car?  I asked her: "Hey, what would really bring you 'Joy'?"  She really could not answer me...  sadly....
So, here is a thought for the week or for the month or even for the minute.... can you dig down and think about it and tell me or yourself or even your dog... what is it that brings you joy?  I can name about a dozen things right off the bat... but I try to find a bit of joy in every moment of the day.  Yeah, I'm one of those people that you shoot dirty looks at while they are singing and sllloooowwllly moving in front of you.  But, back to that thought:  What do you find joy in?  Cooking a meal for your family?  Helping a customer or a client with a challenge and finding a solution?  Watching as the mocking bird in the tree beside your driveway sings and sings and then craps on your windshield as you drive under his nest?  (that's pretty funny, right there!)  I love to ride my motorcycle and  sing in my helmet, much to the amusement of my husband, who rides behind me to protect me.  I don't know if he gets any joy from the sight, but I do and the fairies that are listening are rolling in the grass!   (Whether in amusement or pain from the sound, I'm not sure - laff!)
Oh, and my state of joy, right now? As I am happily typing away, my little white kitty is snoozing on the top of the couch and is resting her little head and a paw on my shoulder as I type.  Sweet little Diabla!!  Oh, and the mocking bird is at the window singing!!! - I wonder if he is building a turd, just for me!  hahahahha!

Now it's time for me to start my new shift at work.. it's the vacation shift!  9:30 to 6!  So, I really want you to think about what it is that makes you smile, makes your heart sing, and what YOU can do for yourself to realize your joy!!!
Oh, by the way, I haven't picked up my new car yet, I've been zipping it around in the form of my old car, and have been told to stop that because my old car is getting burnt up with the energy shifts.... oops!

Living in Love and Light,

PS: post your joy! 

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