Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to our new store !!! We are getting things organized and are ready to offer services and some products!

    Hello, I am known as Patsy Dollar.  I have been known by other names, and will probably gather a few more names as I gather years.  What a wonderful project - gathering names! 

    Early in 2010, I had a vision of opening a shop - cafe- spa - salon - meeting place... I got out a notebook and started writing and planning - layouts, merchadise, service providers (sisters!), -all the things that would make a wonderful stopping place and would offered the community a place to go, relax, dine, and shop for all the things they probably would not get at the mall!  Oh, I have wonderful plans!  A place where good health, spirituality, delicious food and personal care could all be housed and enjoyed!  And on top of that would be space - space to rent for classes, meetings, conferences... how wonderful!!!   
    The thing that I lack is: number 1: practice, and number 2: funding. This is the norm for most people, and they usually decide that it takes too much trouble to get the practice or the funding.  Well, I am not most people, as those of you who know me will agree.  I decided that in order to get practice, I would have to just do it.   And  in order to get funding, I would have to put myself out there - here, and see if I can gather interest in my project!  So, here I am! 
    In the meantime, while I am practicing and working on funding, I have a few products to sell to you and your friends, and a few services to offer!  I have opened myself, and my store, up for business, with the help of a few sisters!  (we may add some brothers to the mix, but so far, it's just us girls!)  Welcome!  My Sisters are gathering and are ready to assist!  Come on it and see if we can offer anything of interest to you!  And if you don't see it offered, it doesn't mean that we don't have it!  You may just need to ask if we have whatever it is in the back room, forgotten and waiting for you!  So go to the guestbook or just email us at .  We'd love to hear from you and will be glad to rustle around in the store to see if we have your stuff!

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