Thursday, January 27, 2011


Have you ever noticed how the people around you are your best teachers? So many times I forget this fact but here are a few of the lessons that have been brought to my attention today alone!

1) I have been taking myself WAY WAY too seriously.

Note to self: This lifetime is NOT a race, there is not prize given to the most serious student, the one who studies the most, or the one who completes the most lessons. Thank you, Patsy, for reminding me of this very important fact!

2) It's ok to be human.

Yes, there is a lesson in everything, is my belief. We just have to reach out and acknowledge it to gain the wisdom that is there. Emotion, all emotion-fear, anger, love, joy-the whole gamut contributes to who and what we really are.

3) Girlfriends (or just friends) are THE best thing in the world.

You know the ones that I'm talking about. The friends that know your sense of humor, laugh at your stupidity, and love you to bits. They also know you're going to laugh when they do something dumb too. Lifting you up and leaning on your shoulder for support are all in a day's work...or even in just one phone call.

(I think I may be taking myself awfully seriously again but I seem to be in that kind of mood tonight, so I'm going to run with it.)

4) I really need to write this blog when I'm feeling inspired like that one time that I had an idea and Patsy said "I call dibs" so I didn't write it down and she didn't either and we both forgot the idea but think we'll remember.....sometime. You know, like that. 

Yeah, there are more.....but this seriousness thing is giving me a headache.

Til then,

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  1. Ummm, your welcome! What did I do? I don't remember doing a lesson plan!