Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello World... Have you missed me?

I am here.  I just wanted to let you all know.  I am here and I am thinking and creating and the circus is here at my home.  That is why you are not being blessed with the ponderings that I have on a more frequent basis.  Sorry....
The circus is at my home and it consists of a cat, a big dog, a little dog, and a man.  I am the ring leader.  I am not in charge of anything.  But I direct the circus.... Sometimes.  I stand in the middle, for the most part, and issue food, buy supplies, clean up messes and wipe butts... oh, and I laugh.  A lot.  I sometimes laugh so much my sides hurt... and I cry.  Sometimes I cry more than I laugh.  That is okay too.  I am trying to keep things really simple and easy... and funny. 
So, one day, when I decide not to be a part of the circus anymore... I will tell you about it.
Until then,
I'm living in Love and Light!


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  1. Well you look terrific! xxxDebra