Sunday, June 26, 2011

Destination Unknown and Other Jouneys by Patricia

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Years ago a boss and friend gave me a going away card.  It spoke of the journey of life.  A reminder that the destination is not life, but the actual journey.... that is your life.. and mine.  For a long time, I was always looking ahead and making plans for "when we ..." and "after I...".  I am now learning that the here and now is what life is about.  I am working and playing and enjoying what I have now... I still set goals for myself. But I try to stay in the moment and listen to the birds that are singing now!  What a loverly song they are singing to me now.  And not just to me, but also to you!  Take just a moment an be present in this moment and listen! 
This particular thought process was brought to mind but the wonderful blog of my friend, Dahlis Roy.  She has posted a wonderful blog titled "Carry water, chop wood".  Dahlis shares what I believe is my next goal.  She speaks: " The quiet mind ("jing") is more present now with less frantic push to always be reading, drawing, or writing something."  Oh, to be more quiet!  I think....? 
Last Friday I went to my first session with an acupuncturist.  I have developed a bit of a problem with my sciatic nerve.  A problem that I feel my body may have manifested because of my constant movement.  I told the Doctor: "I am always on the move.  I even do my meditation on the move.  I have a hard time with being still."
I am as water flowing in a rocky creek bed...
even when the surface is mirror smooth,
I am moving and churning underneath. 

I am most comfortable in my body when I am on the move.  I can let my left brain take charge of the movement and my right brain is then able to flow and create. I am thinking that movement is a good thing... But perhaps a different type of movement is called for.
Journeys, movement and flow.  I shall always be in flow, and so always on my journey. 
Life is so wonderfully chaotic! 
Join me?!

Living in love and light! 


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