Monday, January 17, 2011

Signs for Our Future Endeavors: What is your sign?

I just wanted to say that I have been hearing a lot about signs lately… and about looking for signs in nature and for kledons (which are seemingly insignificant words or phrases that are overheard, and pertain to whatever is happening in your life at the time.), and just random things that can be applied to circumstances that are happening to you and I, right now. For example, I have wanted to pound away at the store website and just get it done! So, as I am gearing up to go at it, I read a post from a dear friend of mine on FACEBOOK. She posted a picture of a stick bug (cute little bugger!) and gave the message:
"According to Ted Andrews, the message of stick bug is "be patient and continue what we have been doing....the results are coming, but we must allow them to come in their own time....This is a time where personal stillness - meditative and altered states of quietness - comes into play...[W]e will find ultimate success." That is one message that I really need to keep in mind! I have always gone after things pell mell – fast and frantic! Got to have it, get it, make it, keep it! …..and then I end up having to stop and regroup and do some things over again… ooops! Well, with the image of the stick bug firmly in my mind, I am now cautiously moving forward… I think!

So what are the signs of our future? Well, I am not going to even go into that subject, I'm sure that there are a million other people that can elucidate more fluidly on that subject! I am asking this question on a more personal level. What are you looking at as a sign that will help you as you travel through your life? Do you watch the birds and the caterpillars as they move in the fall to know that the winter is going to be a hard one? Or do you see a spider and watch where he makes his web or ask him if he has a message for you? I, personally, end up missing all but the most obvious signs around me… the kledons in my life have to bash me in the head like a ball bat for me to notice! But I am trying to make an effort to be more involved with these messages that are making their way to me… When I see a flock of cardinals, (which I did, and this is not what I considered to be a normal occurrence!) I slow down, look around and see what they are cautioning me about. I look to see what message they are pointing out to me, if it's just – "look out, there is a cop with a radar ahead!" or "slow down today and pay attention to the people you come into contact with." I am trying to look at both and see where that leads me. That particular day, it was about the people that I met and spoke to… but you never know… it could have been a radar gun! I am trying to listen and learn and that is the main focus of this blog today! I felt the need to share that with you all as well. It is the dark of winter, January, and the earth is resting, waiting for spring to come and warm things into awakening. I am still stirring around in my burrow, and will occasionally pop out to check if I've missed anything, like a little groundhog in the winter months.
I have had several other signs this weekend which have had me spinning around in a circle with excitement and laughter! I have started a new book, by Sera Beak, called "The Red Book". It is fascinating! I think it is/will be a real eye opener for some, as the authoress gives a different perspective to spiritual stuff. My take on what she is saying is that it is allowable to be human, and to have juicy life experiences and be spiritual – and not be stuffy or ritualistic and everyone is not going to experience things in the same way… and that is okay too! Now, I'm sure that she is not the only one to have this conversation… but she is now having this conversation with me! That is what is so exciting to me!!!! The funny thing is that I ran into/listened to this person in an interview on a show and thought… "hmmm, I should look her up…" so I went to her web site and researched her for a minute. I bookmarked her and move on, or so I thought. The next time that I logged on to Hayhouse, there she was again! The show was the same one that I had caught before, (a re-run), but what are the chances of hitting it again, different time – different day? I took it as a sign. I went out and bought the book. Love it. Absolutely resonates with me. So, I mentioned it to a friend of mine that I thought might also enjoy the jolt of thought. She did the same thing. Looked at the site, thought she might like it and forgot it… until she got an email from another friend – recommending that she check out this great little writer.. Sera Beak! Is that a sign or what?
Here is another story that I will share with you about signs: I have been on the lookout for a fabulous new briefcase for my new job for a while now… (now get this, I don't have the new job in hand yet, but I have my order in, and have one bookmarked as mine) Now, because I wanted this briefcase to be for my new job, I really didn't want to get it until I got the job locked in. I have been to the store several times, looking at the Fossil purses and carryalls, mmmm lush leather! But I am particular, I want a gorgeous red leather bag, and lots of places to be organized, not just a bag to throw all my stuff into - humble jumble – no! This weekend, I went to the store for something totally different and happened to gander over to the Fossil section, and BAM! There it is! The beautiful bag of my dreams! A RED FOSSIL BRIEFCASE! AWESOME! I was thrilled… $148, marked down to $118! Awesome price! I didn't have the cash in my budget for this month, so I thought, "I'll just check if they do a layaway here…" And yeaaaa! They do! So, I take it to the layaway lady to put it back for me, and she rings it up; guess what? On sale for $88.00!!!! Now is this a sign or what? Do I listen! Of course I do!!! I have the purse put on layaway!!!! I am not finished yet!!! I was thinking that most layaways are for 90 days or so… not for this bag! I have to pay it out in 30 days!!!! My thoughts on the matter? I am going to need it for my new job in about 30 days!!!! What do you think? Laff!!! (Sorry for posting this and being so excited about it as well: directed to my present boss if she reads this!) I am excited and open to accepting my new, creative, flexible, well paid, position! Can I get a yeaaa on that, please?!
What other signs are happening in your life, that are not blatant and in your face?  Take a look around you! Sorry, I have to say it! "What is your sign?" ... for today? Did you miss it? Ask to be shown again!
Be kind and share with us if you have a moment!
My intention is to be open to these signs.  It is also my intention to be open to the changes as they are pointed out to me. Love and light to all,
And thanks for listening!!

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