Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Card for the Day: Page of Wands

So I thought I would continue on with the "Card for the Day" theme and show off my new Victorian Romantic - Russian tarot deck at the same time.  The first card of the day was THE FOOL, which I thought was so very appropriate, due to the initiation of my new site and blog and everything else going on for me... and for my sisters (and soon to be brothers!)  This card is the Page of Wands.  He is saying to me: "You have the power, the energy, the magic! ... to make whatever you begin a success!  You are new to this and may make some mistakes, so use them as tools to learn and to grow." 
I feel that this can apply to all of us as we go on our paths.  We all have the opportunity to be successful and to learn as we go.  How awesome is that?  We can look at what didn't work and what did and go forward.  Sometimes we may go in spirals, appearing to go on the same path again, (like a retrograde Mercury, perhaps?) But we are all going to move on our path... and I hope your path is as joyful as mine!

Speaking of sisters and brothers, My Three Sisters is adding to our group!  We have had several tentative offers of craftspeople and artists who may join our store!  Just a hint, one person who may be interested crafts flutes out of cedar!!!  Another artist may be sharing meditation CD's with us!  How exciting is that!  Check for more updates - and watch for our GRAND OPENING on 02/14/11. 
Living in Love and Light - and open to sharing it!


  1. Patsy! November 14?!!! I'm totally psyched for you! ~~Debra

  2. Oh duh. I mean FEBRUARY 14 -- even better!