Friday, January 28, 2011

Words of Wisdom:

Don't those words sound pretentious?  Wow!  They really do! But I wanted to tell you my thoughts today... or rather the thoughts I have had about today. 
Here they are: "Be Present."  Just that.  I know we have all heard that and read that and just plain know to be present... But we are not always present enough to register it!  And as I write these words, my husband is here, wanting to go to work and get his goodbye kisses... and I have to come back to "being present", so that I can give him the attention he deserves! 
So I am bringing myself back to the present, drawing my spirit back into my body and mind... and give you the advice to do the same... it's a beautiful day today, and I'm here to enjoy it!  I hope you are too!

Living in Love and Light!


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