Sunday, February 13, 2011

Easy As Pie ... Musings of a Lunatic (by Patsy Dollar)

So, I am finishing up with a few loose ends that I deemed needed to be done on the Grand Opening of our new metaphysical estore.  I have to tell you, I think I may have bitten off a bit too much this time!  I can totally relate to a friend of mine that has a brick and mortar store.... there is always something that needs to be done... yesterday.  It's all a bit overwhelming.  I am formally asking for help.  I need a jewelry maker, a crystal seeker/seller, and whom ever else would like to step in and lend a hand or a foot or even a reading! 

I've been soul path searching today. I am wondering if this is truely the path that I am to be on... and if so, Why?  This is not easy.  I would like to make things easy!  Delegate or just relax about the deadlines that I set for myself.  Perhaps that is the lesson....?  Should I be less driven and more relaxed?  These are the questions that I am asking.  It should not be this hard to get things done... should it? And why am I stressing over it.  I'm the one that set the deadline on this anyway, so that means that I can change it.... yeah... not gonna happen.  I feel the obligation of the estore and people that I have gotten together for it... and I have not even contacted all the people that I had hoped to have on-board by now.. my apologies to them! 

So if you are listening... bring me some light (at the end of the tunnel) and some helpers, please. 
As for the rest of you... enjoy your relaxation!! And send me some love - especially on this St. Valentine's Day Eve.
living in love and light,


  1. relax the deadline sister!

  2. You're musing too? Great minds think alike, sister, great minds think alike! can delegate you know. (I promise, I may not be great at set up, but I am at maintenance!)

  3. Ok, btw this is Ieshia posting this and the above!