Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yesterday...when I was at the library.....(Ieshia's musings)

Well, I'm sooo glad that that's over! You know, my old pity party? Yeah, I'm done, thank goodness! Onward dear friends, onward!

So, yesterday, when I was at the library, I got a nudge. You know the Nudge, the one where you stop in your tracks as you're making a beeline to some goal that you've made or some place that you're headed? Yep, that one. The nudge that signaled me to STOP and do this little swingy/pivot thing and to look back the other way. (I was headed straight to the online catalog desk.) By the way, does anyone else remember the old style 3x5 card catalog system? The one with the ginormous cabinet full of index cards that were meticulously typed and cross referenced in all their respective catagories? Yeah, I think I'd like to have one of those cabinets, there's a lot you could do with a piece of furniture like that, but what a bitch if you had to type all those cards up right? I wonder if they teach that anymore in Library Science? The class could be called What a Bitch it Was Back When We Hand Typed and Filed Dewey's Cards. The underheader could say Great system, Dewey, but thank God for Computers!

Ok, I really need to focus...I'm so off track my typing is getting all skewed....a signal...ya think?!

Alright, nudge......swingy/pivot thing. As I swing to the right, my gaze flows over the used and for sale book racks. I occasionally go have a look in there but not that frequently. But there I was, feeling like I was being pushed a little from behind to make my way over the the sale books. Dude, I didn't even have to browse, I put my water bottle in an open spot on the shelf and Bamm! there was a book titled Women, Food, and God by a Ms. Geneen Roth. Well, hot damn, I'm definitely a woman, definitely always thinking about food, and God that would be a Yep! thinking about God too. So, after I went ahead and perused the rest of the shelf, hit the catalog and browsed a few more titles in the racks, I handed over my big ole dollar and brought home my new/used book.

I have to say, my initial reading of the synopsis told me this was a diet book (but how many women do you know that have NEVER read a diet book?) but it was the God part that intrigued me. And while I'm only about half way through, there's not been a lot about God in the book. There has, however, been a lot of wisdom about listening to the SELF when it comes to food and trusting the SELF. There's been even more about how we use food in order NOT TO FEEL and to cover our emotions.

This isn't a blog about how great this book is, or how great this weight loss method is (that could come later...maybe) but about how the wisdom I've read so far pertains to everything I've been studying and working on for the past 4-5 years-meditation, communication with my guides, my concept of myself and others as extensions and expressions of God/Goddess/Source/the Divine/etc. Because when it all comes down to it, if I hadn't trusted an unspoken urge to turn around, I would never have even picked this book up. I think what I may find, is that if I put the same kind of analysis into my feelings about food (or anything else for that matter) that I put into analyzing if I just recieved a message from Spirit, that I'm going to learn quite a bit about myself and why I do the things that I do. And because I'll be making more of an effort to understand how my feelings and emotions effect me, and more of an effort into acually FEELING the emotions, that I'll start becoming a better channel for Spirit. Oh, and I'll also learn a little bit more about self Love....and isn't that what God is? You betcha, popsicle, it's all about the LOVE all up in here!

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