Thursday, February 17, 2011

Full Moon, Full of Wonder... by Patsy

I am back.  Whew!  I had a few moments of craziness that I will attribute to the upcoming full moon and the crunch of getting most everything on the website that I wanted.  Its not all there, but we had advertising, and all that hoopla, and even though the business cards are in the mail, we are launched!  So it is: My Three Sisters ~ Online.  Thank you to all! 

But that is not what I wanted to talk about tonight.  I wanted to talk about the beauty of the full moon as it hovers over my part of the world.  It is so bright and wonderful!  I love the freshness of the full moon on a soon to be spring night!  It shows out the shadows and the things that I normally don't notice when I come home to my family in the evening.  I really wanted to drag out a chair (and blanket) and just sit for a moment to bathe in the moonlight and refresh my feminine spirit.  But I'll save that for tomorrow eve. 
It's funny how I know it's coming, whether it a full or a new moon.  When I tune into my intuitive spirit, the moon talks to me through my guides and angels.  It's wonderful to feel them more fully, and to enjoy the moon and the emotions that are pulled by the forces of the moon. 

The moon she shines full
                   The emotions are drawn out
Delighted wails sound.

So as I am refreshed by the moon, expect more writings and musings to come! 
Living in love and light!

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