Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Am... today, A Rainbow Child! by Patricia

There you are,
immersed in your emotions.
let them flow from you in ripples and waves,
gentle, gentle...
find your center in the chaos.

Hallo my friends,
I wan to share with you the fabulous event I went to in Nashville, TN, called the Galactic Expo.  I have been going for several years now and each time it is more fun and entertaining... and of course, enlightening.  This year was no exception!  But for some reason, each event that I participated in left me weeping.  Each person/healer/communicator touched me and the contact they gave me was overwhelming.  For some reason, that morning, the piece of jewelry that I chose to wear was a large piece of snowflake obsidian, in the shape of a triangle, hanging over my heart chakra.  Did I intuit that my heart was wide open that day, and my need was a little filtering of the emotions that were going to be flowing?  Perhaps.... either way, I seemed to have wept my way through the expo... in a much needed period of release and allowance.  I seemed to have accepted the fact, or perhaps given myself permission to be, a person that has emotions... and is allowed to show them.  Wow... that's a big lot of permission to go with! In the past,  I have not been one to show emotions... I don't like to show a lot of emotion, as I have the misconception that showing emotion is showing weakness.  (Don't ask me where I dragged that out from.. but I have carried it with me for lifetimes.)  I am sharing it with you all now, because you will be the ones that will be benefiting from the onslaught!   Warning! Warning! Warning!  Here is your chance to run!  It's gonna be like a volcano!  Some will be burned in their boots!  Others will be drowned in the chaotic whirlpool!  Or you may be the lucky one that feels that you are seated beside a burbling brook, all shady and calming.  There is no schedule here, you will get what you get! 
So, back to the Expo!  I also had my aura photo made... also an annual event!  This year there was a lot of action going on in the photo! I look like a rainbow child!  Blue and turquoise and yellow, red and orange and green!  Little dots of white.... and the man that gave me an explanation of the photo - wow! ... again with the tears~ already!?  It's funny how the inner is so reflected in the outer!  My aura reflected the turmoil in my heart and in my throat in swirls of greens and yellows.  And with the incoming reds and oranges... the upcoming explosion that is soon to be, will be an exciting event!  I think that I will channel it into a large piece of artwork... the pottery is going to be opened soon... this could be a very chaotic pot or bowl!  All the colors of my aura were bright and reflected my focus on this dimension... at this time....I am where I am... there is an echo here!
I also found a wonderful selection of art of god/dess's!  I found and purchased depictions of Kali, Shiva, Durga and Budda!  They are sharing space in my meditation room now, and have been working with me in much needed ways!  Thanks to all!
So for those of you who missed the Expo this year... there is always the next!  I hope to share the experience with you in person! 
The past weekend was a wonderful, clearing, exhilarating time!  Now, we shall see what the upcoming days bring! 
Living in Love and Light,

AKA Patsy

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